It’s Good To Be Back in England!

And....relax. *Sigh* Is there anything more exhausting than a city break? In the days leading up to our Paris trip I kept referring to it as "Our relaxing break". I'm not entirely sure if I actually thought that would be the case, anyway, it wasn't.  It was a whirlwind of crépes, trains, badly spoken French… Continue reading It’s Good To Be Back in England!

Daily Prompt


Aah, the daily prompt! I've been meaning to do another of these for a long time and four days ago The Daily Prompt published 'Cozy'. This is my favourite word of the moment so here we are! I have utterly fallen in love with the Hygge trend! It's my new favourite thing and it's quickly… Continue reading Cosy

The Reading Nook

Franz Kafka – The Trial – Book Review

The Trial is not merely a story, but an experience. And a pretty terrifying one too. A friend of mine, earlier this week, described a song as a 'mood' and I think this is a perfect analogy for The Trial. It is a mood. I will be talking about the Heron Books 1968 edition of… Continue reading Franz Kafka – The Trial – Book Review