My First Post!

♥Hey Everyone!♥

I thought the first post should be a little about me, before I rush into beaming about my latest craft disaster project. 

I’m Lulu, i’m 22 and I live in England, UK with my partner of 4 years.

I love books. Researching books, looking for books, buying books, smelling books, holding books and finding time in amongst all of that, to actually read books. I enjoy classic literature and anything from the decadent era.

My other hobby is crafts & DIY. I really love to make things for my home however I am pretty bad at crafts. Generally it frustrates me that all crafty tutorials seem so difficult, especially when the thing you’re making seems simple. I mean, i’m falling at the “WHAT YOU’LL NEED” list before i’ve even started. So I decided to create a place where all of us not-so-crafty people can gather and actually make something. I will endeavour to make my tutorials as clear and simple as possible and I am always happy to help if you message me. 

I am also very thrifty and I don’t like to pay over the odds for anything. I will always try to include other options and keep the costs down. Crafting shouldn’t be an expensive hobby. 

If I can make it, you can make it better.


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