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Twine Macrame Plant Pot Holder Tutorial

Untitled-1My Pinterest feed is full of these beauties. The Macramé plant pot holder, it’s boho, it’s chic and it is not as hard to make as you may think. Hey, if I can make it? You can definitely make it better. 


A pot of some description that you want to suspend. (This will be HEAPS easier if it has a hole in the bottom, like the terracotta plant pots)

Some string/ twine/ ribbon etc to use for the macramé.


A key-ring or loop


Get your pot. I have used a little metal plant pot from IKEA. I did not use the initiative of buying a pre-holed pot. It was a WHOLE thing that involved a hammer, nails and a broken finger nail. 😦 It cost me £1.25 and 5 minutes of nail filing.

I made my hole really small, whereas I know most plant pots will have a wider hole, so you may have to make a larger knot than I have used or use beads to stop it slipping through.


Get your string/ twine/ ribbon/ whatever. I used 3 ply twine and I would estimate I used about 5-6 metres, including mess ups. I got mine on eBay at 10 metres for £1.59, prices will vary depending on the length you want and the ply, but it’s always cheap on eBay.


Please excuse my bench/ table/ worktop thing. I will be up-cycling this at a later date. 🙂

I then cut it into 8 pieces of 75cm long. (Please excuse the seemingly random measurement. This is the length of my table. :’) )


Tie a knot at the end of all 8 pieces of twine. Thread all pieces through the hole. This bit was very hard for me because of my silly little hole. But I used a tiny screwdriver to poke all the ends through. If you have a large holed pot you will need to make a larger knot, or perhaps attach a chunky bead.

Make sure to thread the twine pieces so they hang out of the bottom. Some people do this step differently, but this is how I did it.


Separate the 8 pieces into 4 sets of 2 pieces. Then tie the 2 pieces of each set together so they roughly sit near the edge of the bottom of the pot. Are you following okay?


The actual Macramé! Okay so, i’m not great at explanations. This bit is rather fiddly but it will turn out okay in the end so just stick with it, mine messed up a couple of times, just be patient. 🙂

If you can tell in the pictures, there is one of the first knots we tied, on the edge of the pot. I have then halved the twine pair that was attached to it. I have done this on the twine pair next to it. Using half of one pair and half of the other I was able to tie them into the necessary pattern. Now you’re saying “She really is bad at explanations.” :’) If you are still with me, then continue this trend around the pot until you have the beginning of the pattern as seen in the first picture. Then repeat this process a couple more times depending on how large your pot is.

It is optional how much or how little macramé you decide to do. I took it almost to the top of my pot, it’s really down to preference.


Next I pulled it nice and tight and held onto the loose threads and tipped it upside down. Ta dah! It’s looking good huh? But it’s not over yet!


Now I am sure there are prettier/ more practical ways of doing this. But I got an old key ring and tied my loose ends around it. I’m gonna say it’s more boho. 😉




Not too shabby eh? Please excuse the faux foliage, nothing survives my nurturing touch. You get the general idea though, and I think it’s pretty cute! This only cost me a few pounds to make and it was really quick and easy. I intend to make some more, so more tutorials to come! 🙂

Lulu x


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