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Painting a Glass Mason Jar Style Lantern Tutorial

I’ve been waiting to do this for a while and I finally stumbled upon a really cute lantern/ jar type thing. At £1.99 I swiftly nabbed one and ran to the paint aisle. I paint everything white, so I wanted to try a fun colour this time, especially since with accessories I always feel a bit more comfortable being daring. It’s a lot easier to hide a weird looking vase than a weird looking sofa.

If you read my last post then you already know how much I love the Rustoleum chalk range. This time I bought one of the smaller pots. My favourite thing about chalk paint is that it adheres to almost anything, so I had no qualms about going straight in and sloshing paint everywhere like I was Pollock.


Chalk Paint

Paint Brush (Softer ones work best with the chalk paints)

A smaller foam roller brush

Rubber Band

Glass Jar/ Lantern/ Whatever

Pliers or VERY strong hands



Gather your supplies! & Take off hardware.2017-07-12_12-56-23_35478922000_oI got this very cute lantern in The Range for £1.99!! It says “Home is where our story begins.” I used Rustoleum Chalky Finish paint in Dusky Pink, £3.99. I also use an old flat head screwdriver to open my cans, because then I can stir the paint with it too. I used pliers to gently bend the wire to detach it from the lantern. You could also buy some wire separately and use pliers to create the lantern handle yourself.


Get messy.2017-07-12_12-55-55_35866925975_o.jpgThe best tip i’ve picked up so far is the rubber band trick! Just wrap it around the can and then you can wipe the excess paint off with it, instead of it going all hard around the edge of the can. As much as I love painting, i’m not very good at it. This is where the small roller can come it handy, if you choose to use it. I used a cheap 4″ foam roller. It has to be foam because the paint is so concentrated. Then just gently and carefully roll over all of the brush strokes!

This is the lantern dry after two coats, I also wanted to show you how much paint I used. I barely used any! It is so thick you don’t need much at all, but it does mean you need a dab hand to avoid brush strokes. Even with the roller I didn’t get the smoothest finish, because I really am that bad at painting. :’)


I reattached the handle by gently bending the wire back to it’s original shape.

2017-07-12_12-53-44_35478896880_oYou can use any sandpaper to take the paint off of the letters. I used 60 grit, which is excessively coarse but it was to hand, so it was used. :’)
I actually ended up using the flat head screwdriver and my nails to scrape the paint off because some of the nooks and crannies were difficult to access with the sandpaper. The paint flakes off fairly easily because it is on glass. I also scuffed some of the edges where the lantern would naturally be marked, to make it more shabby-chic.

2017-07-12_12-52-53_35478883340_oThis is the finished product! I didn’t do too much shabbying but I think it could look great if you wanted too. It’s all preference! 🙂

I want to store a pretty plant in mine but it also looks lovely with fairy lights in! I would be apprehensive to put a candle in there however, because I am unsure how safe this would be with the paint.

2017-07-12_12-52-16_35478872800_oThe picture isn’t great but it does look lovely… promise! :’)

2017-07-12_12-17-29_35036288404_oAnd here it is! My faux foliage looks great from afar, you’re just gonna have to use your imagination for this one.

I actually really enjoyed this project, there was no prep at all it was just all fun all the way. I might do another one in some different colours! It was really cheap too. Although I paid £6 for the paint and lantern, I didn’t use even a quarter of the can. On this math i’d say it cost less than £3.00 to make. I tried to pick a colour that I loved and would use again because I really hate to waste anything.

I hope you like it as much as I do! Let me know if you made one too.

Lulu x


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