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Painting a Glass Tea Light Holder

In my last craft post I showed you how to paint a glass lantern with chalk paints, today we are painting glass again but with fabric pens! I know, you’re thinking “What? Clue’s in the name Lulu.” But hear me out….

I wanted to paint my little glass tea light holder, I mean it’s cute and all but I like painting things and so it became my next victim! Muwahaha…*cough*…sorry.

I’m really into daisies at the moment and I thought ‘ahh easy peasy, how hard can it be to paint a daisy?’ Well it turned out I didn’t have the right brush available so it was very hard. After explaining to Souly that I needed an acrylic paint to paint the glass he said “What about my fabric pens?” Clearly he wasn’t listening so I carried on turning my craft draw inside out. Anyway after a quick google search he showed me that in fact they do adhere to just about anything including: stone, wood, glass and, get this, fabric!

I didn’t have much faith in the idea, but it worked anyway! And here is the strange story of how I painted my glass tea light holder with fabric paint pens.


Paint Pens (I used Souly’s Uni Posca ones which are £14.88 on amazon at the moment, you can buy those HERE . ) I acknowledge that these are expensive however I see no reason why cheaper ones would not work too. Uni Posca also do smaller sets and individual pens on amazon.

Your glass item

A steady hand




Gather supplies!

Yeah that paint brush was never going to be a good idea. Acrylic paint is good for glass, any acrylic, but make sure you have a really nice thin brush. I just ended up using the pens, so ignore the paint. :’)


Paint the petals first and allow to dry to prevent smudging, blow on them a little to hurry them up.

Yeah mine smudged… so do the petals first. Also if you mess up, which I did many times, just rub off with dry tissue and start again.


Dot the centre of your petal and then continue this pattern all the way around your lantern.

Yeah… now you’re saying “Hey, that was easy!” with fabric pens too! I’m not so handy, but my partner sure comes in handy! :’)

This is the lantern half done:


You have to look close for the white daisies but they look more obvious in person.

And here is the finished article!


Please excuse the bad picture, I lost most of my daylight. :’) The really nice looking daisies Souly did for me and the bad ones are mine. I also never realised how many daisies there are! The blue ones were an after thought after seeing this image:


This image was made by FTD Fresh. A really cute blog full of wonderful ideas and images about flowers & plants.

See you soon!


Lulu x


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