A List of Random Things I Want to Do, For No Obvious Reasons.

I’ve really been enjoying Tempest Rose‘s blog lately, and I was inspired by her Before30BucketList.

I love this blog because it’s SO down to earth, funny and relate-able. I’ve read a few bucket lists before but reading Tempest’s story just inspired me and now I want to go and live a more fulfilling life too!

First, I dubbed it my “year of experiences” — in which I would try my hardest to get out there and experience life instead of remaining uninterested and bed-ridden. 

Tempest Rose

I, like many of us hermits, can relate to this. :’) Tempest is doing this at 29 which made me think, I have even more time to make this stuff happen, so why am I still sitting on my butt stuck in that vicious youtube cycle: Cat videos – Cats in hats – Hat history – Someone popping a zit – Cat Videos.

Life is so short, so instead of watching youtube videos of other people doing fun stuff, i’m gonna go and actually do some fun stuff….. hopefully. :’)

So yeah, i’m inspired, i’m motivated, let’s do this!

My Before 25 Bucket List!

Attend a big sports event
Go to a brewery/ winery
Meet favourite author
Learn To Play An Instrument
Learn Family History
Learn To Cook
Visit A New English City
Have Portrait Painted
Go Skinny Dipping
Throw A Dinner Party
Test Drive Dream Car
Learn to Drive
Sing Karaoke
Climb A Mountain
Walk Up Mount Fuji
Scuba Dive
Learn A New Language
Go hunting
Go canoeing
Sell a craft item
Get a tarot reading
Get a palm reading
Print 100 photographs
Go zorbing
Swim in a waterfall
Go surfing
Explore a cave
Learn to ride a bike
Fly a kite
Go sailing
Climb to the top of a tree
Herd sheep
Milk a goat
Start a fire primitively
Go paddle-boarding
Write a book
Go Hiking
Learn to dance
Go to a firing range
Take A How-To Class (Pottery)
Go Fishing
Get a high end designer accessory
Visit A Famous Fictional Location (Pemberley?)
Kiss souly upon the eiffel tower
Pony trekking in brecon
ArcelorMittal Orbit
Eat Something Unusual
Ride A bucking bronco
Get lost on purpose in an unfamiliar place
Go horse riding
Go Skiing / Snowboarding
Go Ziplining
Meet a reader in person
Sell a piece of art
Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

Watch an Opera

See Lizst’s Hungarian Rhapsody No2 played in concert

Go to a horse race


I took a few ideas from Tempest’s list and google, some are things i’ve wanted to do for a long time and some are just stupid things I want to do. I think the list will probably grow but for now there it is! I’m enjoying reading Tempest’s posts on how she gets on with each one, hopefully I will get a chance to do the same.

Lulu x


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