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Starry Night Wine Bottle

A week or so ago I was traipsing around my local The Range store picking up some odds and ends for my craft projects and I found a plain, green, glass wine bottle in the reduced section for £1.00. I mean sure it was an ugly thing but I thought “I could do something with it.” It was one of those LED light up bottles, it had no lid, and when lit up was just a sorry state of affairs.

Anyway come craft night and I didn’t fancy doing my lined up project so I thought i’d tackle the ugly bottle. 😀

Look…. isn’t it just a sorry little thing?

2017-07-17_07-57-44_35177583443_oIt didn’t even have the former glory of being an ACTUAL wine bottle.

SO after trawling the web for some inspiration I decided to paint it, because painting is easy and oh so much fun! If you saw my Painting a Glass Tea Light Holder post, I actually just found out why those strange pens worked… turns out it’s acrylic paint inside the pen. Crazy huh?


Your glass item

Acrylic Paint

An old cloth or tissue

A decent, small paint brush


Decide what you want to paint on your bottle. I tried to use a paint pen to mark out where I wanted things to be, but this didn’t work for me, I just ended up rinsing the bottle and starting again.

So I did this…


You can see what I was going for right?

Well I wanted it to look artsy and this just looked a bit cartoony and I wasn’t sure how to fit in the background and after I painted this one I couldn’t imagine doing another. Sooo I scrapped that and went back to the drawing board.

But not before I went to the sink to scrub this off with warm water.

I chose to, attempt to, paint Starry Night. You know, that really famous, recognisable one by the worlds most famous artist? Yeah that one.

Despite studying Art for MANY years, I am pretty bad at it. But I love it anyway! So I chose impressionism because I feel like it is easier to cover up mistakes, especially with acrylic paint because it is so thick if I mess up, I can just go over it, several times.

My favourite impressionist is actually Renoir but I needed something fairly simple and Starry Night stood out as a fairly easy-to-replicate piece. (Forgive me Vincent for I know not what I say.)

Anyway, I got the picture up in full screen and away I went!



I used acrylic paints that I already had, I can’t tell you where they are from or what they are because Souly bought them for me a while ago and they don’t appear to have a brand name. Any acrylic paint should do though, I mean it’s all the same pretty much isn’t it?

Considering I used to paint so much I actually have 0 paint brushes. Like where on earth do paint brushes go? Well wherever it is, mine have gone there, forever. I took an old one out of mummy’s craft draw and snipped the fraying end off to make it more square. I should think ANY other paint brush like this would be good, if you have a nice brush then even better.

I literally just followed the picture on my laptop, building it up as it dried. I used only black, white, lemon yellow, mustard yellow, dark blue and light blue. I didn’t follow the colours too closely because I wanted to just go with the flow and have fun, but I tried to keep the placement very similar.

I did mess up a few times but I just waited for the paint to dry and went straight over it. I kept building it up as I went along.

Ta Dah! What do you think? I actually like it a lot. 😀
I think being able to go over and over the paint really helped me on this one. Just imagine what you could do with better paint and a half decent brush!


I also thought it looked really cool with the filters on! Look:

Cool huh? I think I definitely hit the artsy vibe I was after. It’s a bit messy but I love that I turned something dull into something interesting and unique! I almost bought a leaf spray/ sprig thing the other day, now I wish I did because it would have been perfect here! But instead I popped in one of my cute roses. (If you’ve read my about me: It’s the same roses, yeah, they’re still alive! :O :O )


And also with a giant bouquet… just for dramatic effect.

Please excuse my messy images… my craft/ dressing/ sitting/ room is going through a transitional phase…

Thanks for reading, have you done a similar project? Let me know!

Lulu x


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