Worldly Views

My blog is very new so i’m having a lot of fun

with those seeming novelties that will more than likely wear off over time. Every morning I log on, I get so excited seeing a new part of the world highlighted on the dashboard.

Today I got my first view from Australia! How cool is that? Someone in Australia actually looked at my blog! On one day I had 8 views from Japan, that’s the most views from anywhere! I wonder what these people think of my blog, I wonder if my English comes across broken when translated, I wonder if they think my blog is good, or if they wonder why anyone would want to read about someone doing crafts terribly.

I’ve had views from many interesting places; Nepal, India, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, USA and a few from my home country the UK. I wonder how they find my blog and if anyone will contact me or comment on my posts, wouldn’t it be so fun to talk DIY with someone all the way in Nepal?!

It may sound silly but i’m surprised. On Pinterest it’s different, when people like my posts or follow me all I see is a name, which gives nothing away, sure I look at their pages and read their notes but if it’s all in English then I don’t really give a second thought to where they are in the world.  Wordpress actually shows me where my readers and viewers are, and I love that! I find it so interesting and exciting.

I also get SO excited to have a new follower!

I remember lying on my bed with my laptop just trawling the wordpress discovery pages when I spyed that little number in the lop left. It said ‘1’, in a circle. I jumped up like the snooze alarm went off and I was late for work. I ran over to Souly. “Hey baba, hey baba, I got my first follower, look, look, come and look!” And I clicked on the followers button in a burst of excitement…

Souly laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more. The one follower was me. Thanks WordPress. The default settings meant I was following myself.

As you can imagine I was very disheartened but my first follower soon came and I was very happy! I rushed over to their blog to learn all about this new person who had followed me. Their blog was nothing like mine, and they weren’t blogging about anything I was interested in, but it was still fun to discover someone new, and read some new content. I was so glad that someone liked MY content enough to follow me! I try too hard to be funny, my posts are very long and I tend to ramble on and on. But I like writing and I love to ramble and, like everybody, I want to feel heard.

Where did your most surprising view come from?

Lulu x


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