Paring Down!

Today I am preparing to take on my bucket list!

I am most definitely a dreamer and it was a concern that I would spend too much time dreaming about my bucket list and no time doing any of it. So i’ve been researching all of the different things I feel I can realistically accomplish right now.

However some of my bucket list involves material items such as: musical instruments, file folders of work and a bike. Which is fine, I can make room in my life for the things I want to achieve, but I also love keeping my home in order. So I realised in order to keep my home tidy I need to pare down all of my clutter in order to make space for my new projects.

A quick google search for minimalism inspiration took me to the infamous Project 333. I will use this to de-clutter my wardrobe.

I already have a copy of Marie Kondo’s book: The life changing magic of tidying. I have linked a PDF version for you. 😉 I will use this for my sitting/ craft room, as this is my problem area.

I actually did the Kon-Mari method a while back, but it did not work for me because of the strange rule: It all has to be done in a day. I’m not wonder woman. But I still refer back to the basic principals in times of need, such as now.

It is now 5:00pm and I have spent the ENTIRE day paring down my wardrobe. I didn’t quite make it to 33 items yet (Project 333) but something I love about this project is it’s encouragement of small steps. It says that it is okay not to get all 33 items set and decided today however I should try and pare down in a day. It’s taken about 6 hours and I feel i’ve pared down as much as possible for now.


This is all of my clothes, there are none in any other rooms! 😀 Considering how much I actually moved in with to how much I have now, i’m pleased. But it is still not 33 items, so I have work to do!

Project 333 states my 33 items should INCLUDE accessories AND shoes. It’s gonna be tough. I have a wall display that is more accessories than wall. I will keep you updated, should you so wish to hear about my attempts to go minimal.

I say minimal but all the space I create will just end up being filled again with my new projects. *Sigh* Small steps. Small steps.


Lulu x




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