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Munch Munch Munch….

I’ve had a very lazy day today but I wanted to share something kind of crafty I did with you, because it feels like a long while since I did a crafty project.

I will be posting a crafty project tomorrow!.. or at least I have every intention of doing so. I don’t know what it will be yet, but we shall see what happens, I have a few things on the back burner.

So let me give you some context:

Me: Happily scrolling through wordpress and reading some hilarious content from Daniel Kay, I literally just discovered his blog and I looove it. If you like travel or just reading funny stories, go check him out!

Souly: *Twiddling Thumbs*

Me: Still scrolling….

Souly: “Waah! Baba pay attention to me!”

Me: “What’s up?”

Souly: “I’m bored.”

Me: “Do something then.”

Of course you’ve had conversations like this in your life. So this led to me (being inspired by Daniel) to say “Aah let’s just go. Let’s just pack a bag, and go.” However in the spirit of my adventurousness I forgot I had plans tomorrow, the kind of uncancelable plans you can’t cancel because if you do your life will suck, you know?

Anyway Souly preceded to request a drawing of two pokemon (of my choice) cuddling and I was to make one me and one him and write a poem to go along with it. Yeah we are one of those sickeningly soppy couples. Sorry, not sorry.

I guess he was still bored, but I was out of the room so I didn’t have to hear about it.

But then I thought, why not do a tutorial? I mean if I can do it, anyone can. Having been to art college for many years you would think I could draw a simple cartoon from memory. Well, i’m not so handy, or naturally talented as it happens, so I got this picture up on my laptop, and away I went!

Image result for munchlax

Isn’t he painfully adorable? Snorlax is actually my favourite pokemon, but Souly prefers Munchlax.

I’m not sure how it went from two pokemon cuddling to Munchlax running, but hey.

I chose this picture because i’d found a funny caption I thought suited it ‘I love you more than lunch.’

Anyway here is my drawing and I will show you how I did it. Oh, i’ll explain the mask later…


Okay so it’s not perfect, but it’s hand drawn and I think people appreciate the sentiment when you bestow a hand drawing upon them. I usually make cards for my Souly on occasions 😀 He seems to like my drawings. But yeah, all I did was copy the picture, but I will give you some good advice along the way, so you can copy pictures like a pro! ;D



A Pencil ( 5H works best)

Some Paper

Colouring Pencils (I just used some cheap ones, nicer ones will make a nicer picture.)

A Picture


Get your pencil & paper, the brighter the room the easier it will be. I used an angled reading lamp, just make sure the light is as overhead as possible, this will reduce shadows from your hand and pencil, thus making it a lot easier!


My 5H has disappeared. It’s probably gone the way of my mysterious paint brushes…. I actually bought some more today! So hopefully my painting projects will turn out somewhat better. I also noticed all of my pictures have a stupid light effect on them, sorry, i’m using a temporary light bulb, it’s ever so strange looking. I hadn’t seen them before, let me show you:

Image result for corn light bulbI mean is this not the strangest looking thing you’ve seen? I’m not exactly the most up-to-date person, so I must have missed it. When mummy gave this to me I was like “I don’t get it?” A quick google search tells me it’s a corn-cob light bulb. Really? A corn-cob light bulb. Well, i’ve seen it all now. Anyway, it has cast a strange effect onto my paper so now it looks weird. My bad.



Draw his head. I rubbed mine out a few times, it’s cool, don’t worry. Try to do it ever so slightly, horizontally oval. Keep trying til you get it, don’t just settle for the football shape you have just drawn, details need to be as accurate as you can to achieve the right look. That is something I find when drawing cartoons is that the smallest changes can have a big impact to the overall look and feel.


I can only apologise for my bad pictures. My new phone’s camera sucks.




Try not to make them too pointed or rounded. It’s okay if your lines are not perfect, the black outline at the end will cover them up. 🙂


img_20170721_212342_36033219956_oRub out the lines overlapping the ears, don’t forget to leave a little line either side, as in the picture, this can be used as a reference point.

With an observational drawing it is essential to follow reference points, any hint or mark on a picture that can help you proportion things correctly. I used the ears and the overhanging lines to position the eyes accurately and the line across the face.


img_20170721_212426_35904217102_oGive him an adorable smile! Again using your reference points to get everything in line. Again don’t worry too much about wobbly or wonky lines, we will cover them up later with a black outline!




Draw his body, again using reference points. Now we have his face, everything else will fall into place. Notice how his left arm comes out just above the line across his face, clearly I botched that bit, but you can’t tell, so don’t worry about getting it perfect.


Finish his body.



There did not appear to be much I could use as a reference for the “skirt” of his body, so in this situation I would recommend drawing, very lightly, a shape to follow. See how I drew a curved line in the shape of his skirt? I then followed that with the little spikes. Don’t forget the other foot!

As tempting as it is, do not  attempt to shade Munchlax with your graded pencil. I do this too much and it will just muddy the colours up. Leave shading for the colouring part! 🙂 That is coming next.


The colours I used were: dark blue, light blue, brown and a burgundy shade. Actually I mistook my dark blue for light blue and did not even use my light blue. My best advice is to build up colour slowly. It is easy to add more depth of colour than it is to cover up a colour mistake.


Colouring is not my strong suit. I started off very slowly, adding the light shades first. I used brown because I didn’t have peach, and I just very lightly shaded the peach areas. It is crucial to stick to a directional light source. On the original image the light source is on the left, you can tell because the shadows and darker shades are on the right. If you do not stick to one light source, the image may look flat.



Next I have worked up the darker shade of blue on his face, I just pressed harder on the pencil to create the darker colour. All the light shading has been achieved by pressing lightly on the pencil.I would recommend following the shades of the image just because it is a lot easier.


I have also re worked the lighter shades to balance out with the very dark shades, again this is easier when you go slowly.



Keep going til he’s all coloured in! Like I said, better pencils, better picture.



Very carefully outline him in a black marker, I used a sharpie. I messed up a few spots, most notably his eyes, which I severely messed up. In cases like this I would just recommend to improvise.


No one will ever know…

2017-07-22_12-09-27_35233251134_o (1)

And there he is! Not bad huh? I did it in under an hour, and better pencils would have made it even quicker. I wrote a silly poem to go with it too, but I won’t suffer you to see that.

Souly said regarding the mask: “Aah it’s like he’s tried to steal the food, but got too excited to be stealthy.” Like I said, no one will ever know. 😉

Let me know if you’ve tried this and how it went!

Lulu x


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