Minimising Struggles

I know I said I was going to be doing a craft post tonight, but i’ve been so inpired by asmallwardrobe‘s blog that i’m just ultra motivated to keep paring down!

If you saw my previous post on paring down, then forget that because I want to go bigger! better! or should I say smaller and better? I want to get rid of all of my rubbish, because it feels SOO good to get rid of things and live in a nice clutter-free, peaceful space.

I find it super difficult to part with anything, my parents taught me the value of everything growing up and it’s very much instilled in me that to throw anything away is bad and wasteful. I am trying to realise that not everything does have value, broken items or duplicate items have no place in my life, they can find new life somewhere else or be recycled, and that would mean the item has value again, but cluttering up my space and my mind is not adding value to my life.

I think it can be difficult to stay motivated when something is so challenging, so I am looking for more minimalist’s and their blogs to keep me inspired. If, like me, you visit wordpress or even a different site at least once a day, then following other minimalists can give you that gentle reminder to keep going, when you are sitting on your bum scrolling through wordpress their posts will remind you to get up and keep going and not stop even when it’s tough.

I have pared down many areas of my house but i’m just going to keep going over and over them until i’m satisfied.

Sometimes even when you have pared down, the things in boxes to get rid of don’t end up actually leaving the house. Exhibit A:


When I finally decided to get rid of my games & consoles (around 2 months ago) I put them all in a box and vowed to sell them. I’ve had these for years but never play them anymore. However this box has been sat in the corner for too long, and I bet i’m not the only one who does this. So when it comes to decluttering it’s not enough to just put it in a box and say “I will get rid of it” you need to deal with it sooner rather than later. I have finally put these on eBay and if they do not sell I will hand them in at CeX. That is another thing, so many times have I put things on ebay and they have not sold, so then they continue to sit in the corner. Have a plan B. Think about how much hassle the clutter is worth.

These items have given me hours of fun over time so i’ve certainly got my monies worth, now I just want them out of my life so I can move on with my decluttering. Don’t just look at the monetary value of items, but see it as you are getting rid of these items so they may bring someone else joy, instead of sitting around making you feel bad.

I also got rid of a huge stack of CD’s on asmallwardrobe’s advice, instead I have digitised my collection! 😀

I will keep you updated on my progress!

Lulu x


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