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I’ve only just decided to participate in the daily prompt because I was really inspired by yesterday’s word “Dormant”. Which I only saw today. Today’s word is harmonise, but I already decided I wanted to write about Dormant.

I am not doing the daily prompt because I want to do a post-a-day, sometimes I don’t feel like writing, but because sometimes I want to make a post but I a) haven’t done a craft project or b) haven’t done anything at all worth talking about. You know when you get that urge to write? The last few posts that urge has hit me about 10:30pm, when I spring up, fling open my laptop and start tapping away with gusto.

Anyway I saw this word and I thought yes, I want to write about my take on the word, and then I viewed the daily post page and thought, yeah this will be fun, I can dedicate a whole page on my blog to just talking about random words! 🙂 I probably won’t do it every day but hey.


Dormant to me means stagnant. At the moment I feel a little stagnant in my life and I think that is why this word struck a chord in me. I, like many people, have been dying to travel for a long time but i’ve been finding it difficult ie: commitments, money etc. I have read so many blogs and articles that tell me “Nothing need stand in your way” or “You need to prioritise” and I feel like I live fairly frugally and i’ve tried several times to arrange travels but something always stops me, usually money. I’ve even opened my mind to cheaper places that I wouldn’t usually choose to go, depending on the awesome flight deals ryanair and skyscanner send me. I also find flying from Birmingham Intl is so much more expensive than anywhere else! Like, what is with that? So I look for alternative options ie: coaches, ferries, trains, airbnbs next to other airports and everytime the cost mounts up to the point where I may as well travel from Birmingham! D:

It may sound trivial but the fact I live on an island frustrates me! I feel like if I lived in Europe or the US I could just take like 100 bus journeys to a specific location and as laborious as that would be, I would! I could get a train, or a carpool or even hitchhike! But being on an island means I have to get a ferry or train over the channel or, of course, fly and none of these are particularly cost effective for me, and that is before i’ve even got to the port.

My driving instructor is confident I will be driving before next year, I hope this will give me a new opportunity to travel, even around my home country will stave off my travel bug for a little while. My Souly also just agreed to go camping with me which i’m super stoked about because he hates camping and who wants to go camping alone?

Let me show you the tent we just got! :

Image result for tesco 4 man tipi tent

Cool right? It’s the 4 person tipi tent and I got it in Tesco for £25! Bargain! Reduced from £50.00 😀 I remember when we went to Download music festival a few years ago we borrowed a pop up tent from my mum, you know those ones that are oh-so-easy to pop up and oh-so-frustrating to try and put back in the bag, yeah one of those, and it was a “2 person tent” but we were so cramped in it and Souly hated it because he wanted one of those running water and electric socketed glamping pods and i’d got us stuck in a coffin-come-tent in the middle of a muddy field in the pouring rain. I suppose we can see why he hates camping. So this time I decided to just do it and buy a nice comfortable tent and i’m working on getting some extras to make tipi life more comfortable for us. The thing is huge, we measured it and it was bigger than our king size bed (our tape measure ran out beyond that) and Souly will be just about able to stand up in the centre of it! I had a few options and we chose this one because of it’s ample size and the design is soo much fun! It’s like a mini wigwam! Sure there are bigger and better tipi tents but this one suited us and our budget.

My thinking was also that nothing could be harder to put down than a &@$£^*&@ pop tent, so hopefully this will be sturdy and not take too long to put away. It also said it was windproof, or did it? I think it did, I hope it did, I feel like because of it’s extra height compared to a usual tent that it really ought to be windproof, especially since I was really hoping to visit the Brecon Beacons and I can imagine it is excessively windy there. Oh and it’s waterproof too. 😉

I’ve been writing for like half an hour and I just realised how much the word “Dormant” actually inspired me to write. 

So yeah, at this moment in time, in this stage of my life dormant means to me: Not enough travelling and experiences.

What does it mean to you? 🙂

Lulu x


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