De-Cluttering My Mind

It is moments like this that me realise just how much I am addicted to consumerism.

Lately i’ve been talking about the start of my journey to a more minimalist life, but how much of the clutter of my life is in my mind rather than in my house.

Let me give you some context: It was a stretch to pay for the internet (you know, one of those months) so I decided that with the new change to minimalism should come some de-cluttering of the mind. I though “what a fantastic opportunity to get off of my technology and just be, go for a walk or do more reading or spend more time with the family” but no. I am sat in Costa-packet, spending too much money on coffee and brownies (for Souly) JUST to use the free wifi. It’s kinda pathetic. There is so much more to life than sitting on the sodding internet. Please excuse my language but it is frustrating how much of a consumer I am. Instead of going for a lovely walk in one of the many parks surrounding my local area I am paying into a chain coffee shop and glued to my screen.

I mean sure, i’m writing and that is what I love to do, but still. Day one without internet and i’m looking for wifi spots. I could have taken a notebook and sat in the park, but then again if I was out there not indulging in consumerism, I wouldn’t be able to sit here and write about what a consumer I am. Haha. :’)

The internet is only off for a week, i’m determined to actually try and stay off my phone and laptop. Our TV runs off the amazon fire stick, so it will be nice to get away from that too.

But yeah, moments like this, sitting here, make me think just how much time I spend online and how much more time I should dedicate to important things like family time and Souly time. How many of us sit watching TV with our loved ones when we could be chatting, or playing games together or just spending more quality time with them. I hope this week won’t just be a fleeting week of offline time, I hope I can develop some habits that will get me further away from consumerism.

I love writing online, but I easily get distracted by: other blogs, emails, shopping etc. We all do. The internet is just one big distraction, really. Having this limited internet time has meant i’ve had to prioritise, obviously my beloved blog comes first. This makes me think, the only useful thing I do online is write, shopping fuels consumerism and news articles I can read on paper or talk about with others, I should just write and read other blogs and then log off, but I always get distracted. I need to be more mindful when i’m online to make sure i’m only writing, or at least doing something useful.

I really admire my in-laws. They are the kind of people who have such a zest for life that they barely watch TV and own one between them, which of course is only used for work purposes. They love the outdoors and are always on the go. I hope to one day be more like them. I blame, of course not myself ;), by my generation, we have all grown up online with the rise of social media and it has sucked us into a vicious cycle of consumerism. Do you know why our grandparents (some of them anyway) don’t understand technology? It is because they grew up talking to friends and being active outdoors, they don’t understand why anyone would want to sit with a laptop screen, in silence, eating cheesy poofs. In my opinion, i’m addicted. I love opening the lid of my laptop every morning and scrolling through sale emails and checking my blog stats. I love the sound of the keys tapping away and the sheen of the rose gold. The nice slick layouts of my favourite websites; Pinterest i’m looking at you. I’m just addicted to consumerism, the endless cycle of paying into big brand companies, but i’m really hoping to take ‘me’ time this week. You know, evaluate my life, get my priorities in order and hopefully take a few steps back from that cycle. I have been HUGELY inspired by asmallwardrobe I know I already mentioned this blog before but she is genuinely an inspiration, she talks a lot about what it means to de-clutter and minimise your life. I am really hoping to follow in her footsteps soon and do a shopping fast. I think we could all benefit from this because it gives you time to take stock and really appreciate what you already have.

So i’m off home and I am going to make a conscious effort to do something other than indulge in consumerism. Promise. 🙂

Wish me luck! 

Lulu x


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