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Dream-Catcher Style Decoration

Yaay I have been waiting to make a craft post and i’ve finally finished a project i’ve been working on for a while now. It started out as a regular dream-catcher but after two failed attempts it has taken on a life of it’s own.


I had seen so many gorgeous Pinterest pictures of handmade dream catchers and I had looked at a few tutorials and thought “yeah, I got this.” But, obviously, I didn’t.

So I will show you the first attempt, tell you about the second and if you wish to see the final dream catcher then just keep scrolling.

Okay so the tutorials all start out with a hoop of some description, most suggest an embroidery hoop, but the bigger you go the more expensive they get, so I didn’t want to pay for that. I ended up acquiring this, albeit small, hoop that I just loved! I wanted to go for a bohemian vibe with the dream catcher, so this fitted perfectly.


It is a little twig/ wicker hoop thing, cute huh?

It was pre bound in pretty ribbon so all I had to do was go ahead and start spinning the web of my dreams.. haha geddit? Sorry. :’)

I will show you a picture collage of the failed attempt. I actually did it all fine, but I did not realise you have to pull the thread at the very end to tighten the whole thing up so I just assumed i’d done it wrong and took it apart.

But I did the usual method that everyone does, wrap the string around the hoop (actually just like the ribbon) and then continue to go in a circle threading the string through each little gap.

Yeah the last step was to pull the string left in the middle tight, but I did not know this vital snippet of information. So I took it all apart and tried again.

In my second attempt I still did not know the error of my ways therefore I went ahead and did it all again, but I pulled it as tight as I could all the way around, it was really difficult to get the string through the tiny, tight gaps but I kept going and them KABLAAAMMOOO. No it didn’t blow up, but it did break, and that was just as bad.

At this point I was going to just give up. But I wanted a cute little dream catcher for my new bohemian theme.

So I compromised, halfway between dream-catcher and halfway between giving up came this:


Why thank you, it is a good idea, is it not? Haha, I saw it on Pinterest. Obviously in my rage I wouldn’t have thought of anything that cool. So a week later, when I decided to tackle this thing again, I went in with the idea of doing the peace sign and adorning the hoop with ribbons and feathers and all manner of superfluous details.

I won’t explain how I did this because it was really easy, just go for it!

Then I started adding ribbons and things…

To secure the feathers to the thread I used crimp beads, I got mine on ebay and they are terrible. The larger they are the easier it will be. Mine are so, so teeny tiny. I got my feathers in country baskets and most of the ribbons too, less than a pound each.

I wish I could say this was fun but to be honest i’m just glad it’s all over. :’)
I do want to do another soon however, a proper one. I will let you know how that one goes…

Here is the final thing.


I like it but it isn’t really a dream catcher. But hey. Let me know how yours goes… :’)

Lulu x



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