An Engaging Story


Once upon a time….

Tuesday 25th July was pretty much like any other day. I had just published my previous post at Coffee #1 and it was about half five. I was going to meet Souly at home when he called and he said “I have some good news!” and I too was like “Aah me too, me too!”

So we met at home and I couldn’t wait to tell him how i’d just bought a Ukulele! If you have seen my bucket list  well one of the objectives was to learn a musical instrument. When I first mentioned this to Souly he said “You should learn the ukulele, it would be so cute.” And I thought, well why not! I have previous experience with string instruments and after a quick google search it turns out that they are one of the easiest instruments to learn. Souly has requested that I post the video that he showed me. HERE it is.

I did a few days worth of research on ukuleles and I believe I have picked a really good, budget friendly ukulele, that is good for beginners. I got this one:


It is the Makala MK S soprano ukulele from Kala. It got great reviews and is a recommended model for beginners. I didn’t want to just go for the cheapest model I found (About £15 – £20 ) I wanted something that was equally good in sound and build quality. I chose the soprano because I wanted a classic ukulele and I also want to be able to take it on our camping trips, so it needed to be light and portable. I picked this one up on eBay for £45 and it came pre-fitted with aquila strings, which are renowned for being high quality. The Makala Dolphin (Around £20 brand new) had impressive reviews too so I would personally go for this one if I didn’t want to spend extra.) This makala is wooden and the Dolphin is plastic.  I will let you know how I get on learning!

So anyway, after an hour of me beaming about my new ukulele and how I was planning on taking over the world with it, Souly said “Get dressed we are going out.” I took this to mean an impromptu date night so I got all excited and put my face on. He told me he had to go out for a little while and when he got back we would go to dinner. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t question the things Souly does, I guess I just trust him to explain everything later, I can usually tell when he’s planning a surprise, but I assumed the dinner was the surprise. Anyway he wanted to take us somewhere romantic, but it was late at night, so after a bit of back and forth we decided on Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was only 45 minutes from home, and it was one of those lovely summer evenings.

Stratford is so lovely, we only went for dinner but we decided to take a lovely romantic stroll along the river Avon. I was wearing my favourite heels, but i’d lost the specific socks that go with them (don’t laugh, we all have them!) so I thought it was a good idea to go barefoot. Well it wasn’t, I got horrendous blisters, even thought I changed into my flats, it still hurt. 😦

So I hobbled along, hand in hand with my Souly ducking under all of the weeping spruces and giggling as I tried to pull him through the leaves. We could hear wedding bells coming from the church across the river and I said “hearing wedding bells, gets you thinking doesn’t it” whilst casually nudging him in the ribs and laughing.

I will include some context for anyone who cares: My Souly has always made his opposition to marriage well known. It has been a running joke for a long time that I want to get married and he doesn’t. It’s fine. I accepted that. His reasons were logical and I still loved him regardless however we were comfortable enough to make jokes about it. Surprisingly enough i’d already made another joke about it before we came for dinner.

Anyway Souly asked if I wanted to sit down and as my blisters cried out yes, I nodded. He picked a beautiful spot under a spruce, the grass was so green and as we ducked under the branches it was like we were in a forest, just me and him. He pulled me in for a hug and I got that feeling, you know the one where you feel like you’re in a bubble, it is just you and your loved one and nothing else exists outside of that, yeah that feeling.

Souly pulled back and held me hands. He looked into my eyes and told me he loved me, but not before getting down on one knee and proposing. He proposed. Even sitting here a day later and telling you about it, it still seems like a dream. It is slowly sinking in as I admire my engagement ring. It doesn’t feel real. Of course I said yes, but not until affirming that it in fact, was not a joke. My soulmate proposed! 😀

Obviously I questioned what on earth could have prompted into such spontaneous madness. No one, his own family included, ever thought he would marry. He has always been against it. His exact words were “Well, it isn’t all about me.” How about that. My Souly, pushed his opinions aside and did something sickeningly romantic that made me fall in love like it was our first kiss all over again. His selflessness has always been one of my favourite things about him. He said he knew he wanted to spend his entire life with me (yeah, me! :D) and that he wanted to make it official.

I cried. And cried. And sniffled. And then cried some more. Then Louie cried (Which is a big deal due to his dry eyes and his inability to produce natural tears – he requested I write that.) And then I laughed and then we both cried.

It has always been a running joke that Soulys Nanna always asks when are we going to get married. Souly phoned the family and everyone was so happy for us! Louie’s Nanna said: “When are you getting married?” Haha. :’)

One of my bucket list items is to print 100 photographs, so I insisted we took a photo despite how messy I looked. I am very glad we did, now we can show future family members and tell them that was the day Souly proposed! 😀

Do you remember I mentioned that Souly had to nip out whilst I was getting ready? He had only gone to get the ring. That is how spontaneous he is. :’) He is always like that, with most things we do. He had decided that afternoon that we would get engaged. Something made him realise that 3 1/2 years was long enough to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Now we are fiancés and one day (in the veeeeeeery distant future) we will be married. How amazing is that? That was his good news. Sure beats my ukulele…

I am a very happy lady. Perhaps the happiest lady. I had to write and tell you because I never thought this would happen to me. When we first met and first kissed and first got together, I never would have imagined how much i’d fall in love with this man. My soulmate. My Souly!

Lulu x



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