How Do You Use The Internet?

My internet is back on….*Sigh of relief*

… but you know having the tech free time was very refreshing. I actually didn’t go on my laptop for the ENTIRE day yesterday. I only went on my phone for about 10 minutes collectively. I did watch a couple of hours of TV BUT it was with my Souly and we chit-chatted along side it. We’ve been watching Porridge, you know that British sit-com from the 70’s? I’m addicted, it is SO funny. It only has three seasons but there is a movie and a spin off show too.

This week also made me realise that I don’t just use the internet mindlessly. I use it to research words, phrases and anything else I don’t know. Several times I found myself saying “I don’t know, lets google it!” and it really made me appreciate how useful the internet is a resource. I mean say we are in 1989, before the invention of the world wide web, (see I just googled when the internet was invented 😉 )how on earth would I find out anything? Sure I could use a dictionary to find out what precocious or denizen means but google is faster and sure I could ask someone when Boudicca and Prasutagus were married but what if they didn’t know? (Because why would anyone know?) Again it would have been a WHOLE thing to find out bits of information that I can now in 30 seconds tap into google and know.

Why do flamingos stand on one leg? I have no idea. If you don’t either, well this is what google told me in 0.44 seconds:

“We demonstrated that flamingo cadavers could passively support body weight on one leg without any muscle activity while adopting a stable, unchanging, joint posture resembling that seen in live flamingos,” they wrote.

“By contrast, the cadaveric flamingo could not be stably held in a two-legged pose, suggesting a greater necessity for active muscle force to stabilize two-legged versus one-legged postures.

Basically the article says standing on one leg is actually easier and requires less energy for flamingos. Whilst reading googles top hit from the Telegraph on this topic I had to do a separate google search for what the word “cadavers” meant, so I could understand the article. For anyone else who doesn’t know it means “corpse”.

In less than five minutes I have learnt a new fact AND a new word. Cool huh?

So although I think it is good to have some tech free time often, I don’t think i’ll be tossing my laptop and moving into the rain forest just yet…

I do think this week will help me to change the way I use the internet, I will try to cut out silly articles and youtube videos and I will resist the urge to click on “Arianna Grande licking donuts.” Instead I will come, I will write, I will google a new word and I. WILL. CONQUER…. The urge to use the internet mindlessly.

Considering I entitled this post “Drippy Paint Pots” I think I veered off course somewhat. I suppose this is waay past the point of plant pots. I will go and do that now…


Lulu x


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