A Minimalism Plateau?

I’m struggling.

Honestly, it’s tough. It feels like i’ve thrown away everything remotely useless and anything I don’t love or need. Well clearly this is not the point at which to admit defeat. If my minimalism research has taught me anything it is that small steps are key. As long as I keep throwing things away until i’m happy it will be okay!

Ah! But when will I know I have thrown enough away? Well, actually, i’m not sure. Although I have gotten rid of everything useless I still feel like I have too much stuff. I think if I can walk into my living room (my problem spot) and honestly say to myself, this is good, it is clutter-free, then that might be the point in which I stop. Maybe i’ll become some sort of minimalist obsessed addict and not stop until it’s just me and the kitchen sink. Who knows.

I am at the hump. For lack of a better word. I am stuck, and it is at this point I know that if I give up I will not achieve my minimalist aspirations, this is that hard bit that I need to push through in order to continue paring down. It might get easier, but probably not. It will probably get harder because everything I throw away will have survived multiple pare downs by now.

I wanted to share with you a painful experience I went through yesterday. In the hopes that it will inspire you to carry on over the hump.

I have gotten used to minimising being hard and sometimes I cry because I am very sentimental but having support, which I find in the way of other minimalist bloggers, really helps me to not only come to terms with why I keep things but ways in which I can keep a memory of them. (I have taken a lot of pictures of a lot of silly items) I would strongly recommend watching other bloggers and what they do as a source of ongoing inspiration. ANYWAY on to my story…

Gizmo the mouse and Brown Bear have survived multiple pare downs. In fact when I first started minimising and Souly suggested getting rid of them I manically laughed and didn’t give it a second thought. They were my best friends, growing up. I’d had these guys since I was a baby, i’d fed Gizmo fish fingers and Brown Bear came with me on every outing when I was young. But that was just it. I was young, I no longer appreciated these toys anymore. I mean of course I still loved them, like A LOT, but they had sat on the shelf for far too long. It was time for them to be loved again and I wasn’t the person to do that. I gave them to the NSPCC centre in the hopes they would make some other children as happy as they made me. I’m 22 and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried.

Even though it was painful and it was tough, it was the right thing to do. These toys were not adding any value to my life, they sat on the shelf getting dusty and never being cuddled. I would rather they go and be loved elsewhere than sit ignored on my shelf. Minimising IS a struggle. It requires time, effort and a lot of thought.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

It isn’t easy but the rewards are tremendous. Gizmo was fairly large and with the new empty space I was able to move a pile of folders from the floor and onto the shelf. I’m working on the folders, small steps. 😉

I want you to know that you are not alone, sometimes throwing something away can be emotional and even painful, but they are just things. Of course they have sentimental value but we have to focus on the present, the people in our lives today and the people and experiences in our lives that we value.

I’m making my way over the hump and I wanted to share my story in the hopes of inspiring anyone else who might be struggling.

Check out what I cleared out over this week!


Troop Aid sent me a christmas card last year… they must think I am such a hoarder! :’) The bin is the smallest of the ‘get rid of piles’ but i’ve pared down so much already that although these couple of bags do not seem like much, it felt like a lot! :’)


Keep going!


Lulu x


18 thoughts on “A Minimalism Plateau?

  1. Maybe it’s time for a breather. I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know how long you’ve been going at it, but it sounds to me that you need time to step aside from your journey at the moment, and just rest a little.

    Clearing stuff out can be stressful. But minimalism is supposed to make you *happy*. If you’re feeling let down or saddened by it, just remember to be gentle on yourself. Minimalism looks different to every person who does it. Not everyone has blank white walls and Scandi furniture!

    So breathe. Just take some time to rethink why you’re doing this, and how it will make you happy. Perhaps you’ve cleared enough already? Even if you haven’t, everyone needs time out every now and then. It sounds like you deserve it!

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    1. In my opinion the key is to just keep going. If you feel stuck, small victories will help. I think that’s a really great idea! You should do that, I might do that! 🙂 X

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  2. I have no regrets throwing out things that seem to be useless, are broken, don’t fit, etc. In fact, I’ve noticed, I feel some king kind of great satisfaction getting rid of stuff. I’ve been moving many times, and once with 1 suitcase across the ocean, so I believe i have acquired ability not to feel sorry for things I no longer need or like, that includes my own paintings, outfits sewn by me, etc.
    I was waiting to click on “like”, and the site was as if loading, but never came to that.

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  3. It is hard! I know sometimes just changing my own language and thoughts surrounding how I remove things from my life: like calling it “letting go” or “giving away” instead of “getting rid of” or “trashing” helps me a lot. It makes the experience more positive and over time that viewpoint starts to become more intuitive. You’ve already seen that you’re making more room in your life for the things that DO matter. Just keep reminding yourself that. You’ve got this!

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    1. You’re right Sky. I actually just read your post on the shoe-box method and I love that idea and I think I will aim for something similar, at least just to keep the photos of the items in. :’)

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