Nailed It.

Today I did something strange.

It is nothing adventurous or particularly exciting, but it was such a “moment” for me I had to share it.

Have you seen my bucket list? One of the objectives on there is to learn to play a musical instrument. If you saw this post then you will know I chose the ukulele… well I just told you now anyway. :’)
I have been starting off nice and slowly and building up my basic strumming and chord changing skills. After a few days of not being able to actually hold chords properly I made the decision to cut the finger nails of my left hand down to pretty much nothing. I haven’t had a set of short nails in years. Long nails make my hands look delicate and pretty. I wouldn’t be AS fazed if my new stumpy nails were not next to my new beautiful engagement ring that I will be showing off for a while. 😦

I guess sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. Strange as it may seem I have left my right hand nails long because at least then I can cover my left hand. I also find it fun to pluck the strings with my nails.

As much as I hate my new nails, I really love being able to play the new chords I learnt properly. I can now successfully play: G7, G, C, F and B. I am working on being able to play them in succession and i’m working on speeding up chord changes and strumming. I can’t wait to eventually post a video of me playing to show you! Then I can tick instrument off of the list.  I am also still arranging our camping trip so hopefully I will tick some more bits off the list!

Lulu x


One thought on “Nailed It.

  1. the title seemed like you’ve done a heroic act ; but on reading it the insight it got justified. I didnt knew girls are so much passionate about the long nails.. so seriously you Nailed iT !! 😂😂

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