Being Thankful

Twice today i’ve written lengthy posts. I deleted them. Why?

They were so negative. I believe in writing to release tension, however my blog is my happy place, I don’t want to come here and see negativity.

Albeit it is hard not to be a little frustrated when you’re trying to write in the evening sun and your neighbour is playing thunderous 80’s disco music.

When I log on and see my recent posts I like to feel uplifted. That is why any negative writing I do will pretty much always just end up unpublished. I genuinely believe I have so much to be grateful for that I don’t want to be reminded of why I was annoyed today or what happened the other day that made me sad. Life is too short not to feel inspired by the writing you do. Is it possible to inspire yourself?

When I log onto my site and I see my posts I generally feel happy. I look at my projects and think how great it was that I did that, or I see a book review and remember how proud I was that I wrote it. Writing is my escape, it makes me happy. Blogging for me is kind of like having a friend who permanently listens and every now and then makes a comment about something I said. I do not mind if they are not particularly interested but it’s nice to feel like they care enough to listen. It is for this reason that I understand why some people do use their blogs therapeutically, which is fine, having a support system in the form of a blogging community can be wonderful. But it just isn’t me.

I believe in being thankful for what you have. The post I wrote earlier was about my bad day, at the end of it I felt better for writing it and getting it off of my chest, but then I thought if I publish this post, I will see it every time I log on and I will be reminded as to what annoyed me. Instead I trashed it and the weight was still gone off my shoulders but now I can move on and write a post that will inspire me because it might inspire others.

I like to log on and be reminded of all the things that make me happy. 🙂




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