Daily Prompt


I only write regarding the daily prompt when I am truly inspired.

‘Toothbrush’ comes at a fitting time for me. I just had a tooth out! Not for lack of using a toothbrush mind you, but still, it’s teeth related.

It was one of those canine teeth that grow out of place and look kind of like a fang. Souly said it was cute, but his opinion is wrong. No, i’m kidding, but I did not like it. :’) It hurt, so my wonderful dentist pumped my mouth so full of local anaesthetic half my face went numb. My top lip was numb for hours, but it was very embarrassing because when he said to rinse my mouth, I dribbled. Everywhere. I had no feeling in my lip so it was very hard to smile, talk or not dribble. :’)

I am getting my braces on imminently! Yeah those things everyone has when they’re like 6.  I am SO excited. I have wanted braces since I was very small and after being on the waiting list for a few years I finally got my consultation!

I always find it a little traumatising going to the dental hospital, it’s like a cattle market. Go here, sign this, smile here, look there, open your mouth, close your mouth, sit here, sit there, it is quite exhausting. Anyway after some appointments with the dentist i’ve finally got my braces booked. I’m very nervous, going to the dentist always sucks, it’s horrible having someone poking around in your mouth and stabbing your gums, but i’m hopeful that all the pain and anguish will be worth it when my teeth are nice and straight. I will also need to have jaw surgery in 2 years to correct my under-bite, which sucks.

I am very lucky to have a lovely dentist and his assistants are always nice. Does anyone else dribble lots when having a scale? I like my home dentist too and his assistant is lovely. As much as I hate pain and get nervous, I prefer going to the dentist than the doctors to be honest, it’s easier and quicker to get an appointment, my dentist is efficient and the receptionists are so polite.

Does anyone else cry at the dentist? I’m not sure if I cry or if my eyes water because it hurts? Maybe both. Even when i’m getting a scale my eyes water. That thing scraping on my teeth. Ugh. Awful. I’ve just given up wearing mascara to any dental appointments.

I wish they gave me lollipops for being brave. That’s another thing, who decided that when you’re a kid and you go to the dentist you’re all of a sudden so brave. It is not like I had a choice and willingly said “I am afraid of the dentist but I will go anyway and laugh in the face of fear!” It was more like “It’s time for your dental check up and i’m your mum and I say you go.” But afterwards I am told i’m brave. I guess that’s just something people say to kids to encourage them to do sucky things that are important. I wish someone told me I was brave every time I went to the dentist. Actually that is unfair, Souly always says, in a jovial manner, how brave he thinks I am for going to sucky appointments.

Lulu x


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