Daily Prompt


I have a foggy memory.

My short term memory is worse than most. I will ask you the same question twice and I often walk into a room and forget what I went in there for. It is very frustrating. But alas my fellow foggy headed friends for I will share with you my tips for keeping things in mind. Make sure to write these down.. 😉


  1. Write it down. This is by far the best and most cliché advice I can offer. I write EVERYTHING down and still I sometimes forget. Write it in your phone, on your calendar, sticky note it to the fridge, staple it to your head, whatever just put it somewhere you will see it.
  2. Get a wall calendar. Having a phone calendar is good but I find having reminders on the wall is so helpful because I can look up and very quickly see if I have forgotten something or if something is upcoming. I keep mine by my desk, put yours somewhere you will be able to easily see it every day.
  3. Ask someone to remind you. If you live with parents or have a roomie or a partner or if your cat speaks broken English ask them to remind you. Sometimes they will sometimes they won’t but it’s another chance to remember!
  4. Ask someone to text you. If I have something to remember in the morning I will ask someone to text it to me but I wont open the message because when I first wake up, I check my phone and I will open it and remember.
  5. Leave a “landmark”. For lack of a better word, I mean if you have no pen and paper to hand find something that will remind you of your thing. Gym at 7am? Leave your trainers by your bed.
  6. I had a really good one for this one, but I forgot…. No i’m kidding. :’)

If you do one of these things then you might be okay. I find doing a mixture of all of these things helps me. I very rarely forget anything important anymore and if I do it is because I did not write it in my calendar.

Having a foggy memory sucks, but there are ways to improve your memory. I heard doing crosswords is supposed to be good. My personal preference is reading. Be it a novel, the newspaper or even an online article anything that will get those eyes flickering and the old hippocampus ticking! I really recommend reading, if you enjoy reading blogs like this one then try to do that for at least 20 minutes a day. Even a gossip magazine is okay, anything that will work the memory muscles. I personally find it beneficial to read an article and then try and tell someone about it, this works my short term memory because I have to really think and remember the details of what I read.

Do you have any tips on how I can improve my short term memory?


Lulu x


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