What made me happy today?

I’ve been feeling a bit down the last couple of days (it’s that time of the month, again) so I want to make a post of everything that made me happy or that I was grateful for today. 

I read somewhere that this is meant to make you feel better. Let’s have a go…

  • My dentist said my teeth look great and healthy and I can have braces next week!
  • I didn’t have to pay for, extortionate, parking at the dental hospital
  • Louie drove me to the dentist so I didn’t have to wake up so early
  • Having tea with the grandparents-in-law
  • Louie is making dinner 😀
  • I’ve done a craft project

Yeah! Six things 😀 When I sit and look at this list I do wonder why I was so down today. I guess that’s just what this time of the month does to me. I’m not sure if I feel noticeably cheerier right now, but I am excited for dinner. 🙂

I think it is important in times of glumness to remind ourselves to be thankful. I’m sat here in my nice, cosy sitting room all wrapped in a blanket, what do I have to be sad about?

Even on our most sad days I think it can help to notice the little things that make our lives a bit less sad. Even if we are just appreciating the really small things. I also, personally, find it very helpful to give a thought to others in worse situations. Your electric has gone off? Did you know that only 5.1% of the population of South Sudan have access to electricity? Crazy huh?

Us lucky folk in the West have become so wrapped up in this bubble of safety and comfort that we have come to expect and disrespect the “necessities” that a lot of other people have never known. Sometimes when I take a step back and realise how lucky I am to have all of the things I have it does actually make me feel so much better. I have clean, running water, electricity in my home, central heating and many other things that some would consider ultimate luxuries. What do I have to be sad about?

Happy Wednesday! 😀

Lulu x


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