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Painted Glass Bottles

I’ve been craftiiiiiing! 😀

This project has taken a while to publish because it took so. long. to. dry. 

There are probably a hundred tutorials already on this particular method of painting but i’m going to show you how I did it, for basically nothing. 

Souly bought us some frappucinos and whilst I was moaning about needing another project he suggested I use the glass bottles from our frappies, so I did! 😀 I think these are a pound or so each but you could easily just use any glass bottle in the house such as an old condiment bottle.


Acrylic paint

glass bottle

a cup of water


an old jug

Step ONE:

Clean your bottles and remove any labels and sticky residue. I used soap and water a swooshed it around. Let them dry for five minutes or so. If you’re using an old condiment
bottle i’d recommend using a paintbrush to scrub the inside.




Mix your preferred colour in the old jug, you will need to use quite a bit of paint however some water will be added to make it more fluid. If you run out of paint before the bottle is covered, just mix up some more in the jug, it will not dry out while you do this.

I added a tiny amount of water at a time and stirred until I felt the paint was fluid enough to pour into the bottle. Be careful not to make it too runny because then the paint will not adhere to the glass. It took me about a minute or so of twirling until the paint completely covered the inside of the bottle.

Also if you are doing two bottles, like I was, be sure to leave some paint leftover. I still ended up mixing more anyway.



Place the bottles upside down, if you place them upon a rack, or similar, you can use the paint that drips out for something else. Have another project lined up or else you’ll end up painting anything in sight. Like I did.

Put these somewhere out the way because they will take a long time to dry. Mine are on day two and they’re still not fully dry.



IMG_20170804_133520 - Edited

Yeah! Pretty cool huh? 😀 You could put brushes or flowers in these and they would look super cute.

If you already have a bottle and acrylic paint then this will be free!

Lulu x


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