I couldn’t resist writing on today’s prompt because I take any opportunity to talk about my partner! 🙂

Having a partner is knowing that someone has your back no matter what. Souly always comes through for me when I need him to and that is what a real partner does. It is the tough times that really show how solid a partnership is. As with most relationships we have great times and occasionally we have crap times. Sometimes the crap times last for a long time, but it is okay so long as you continue to have each others back.

No matter what challenges come our way I know that Souly will always try to make things work with me, we always work together, sometimes things don’t work out but we keep trying anyway. In my opinion that is the best way forward. When Souly goes through a tough time he can count on me to be there with Netflix and tissues. When I go through a tough time, it feels a little easier knowing I have my Souly for support.

Not everyone needs or wants a lover but everyone needs a partner. Someone in their lives they can turn to in times of need.

Lulu x



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