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Distressed Kilner Bottle

Whilst I was waiting for those painted bottles to dry, I used the leftover paint to do this!



Pretty cool huh?! I really love it. I used a Kilner bottle that I found in the reduced corner at The Range, it was less than £1. If there were more I definitely would have got some, but since I only had the one, I had to make it special. 🙂 The painted lantern I did some time ago is similar in the techniques. Anyway here is how I did it….


A glass bottle/ product with ridges

acrylic paint



Mix your acrylic paint in your preferred colour, always mix more paint than you think you will need and make sure to have enough for second and maybe third coats. You can use chalk paint here also, which would give a nice matte finish, I have chosen acrylic for a glossier look.

I personally do not tend to use glass paints because they are just acrylic, however if your product needs to be durable or even water safe, you are probably better off getting glass paint. For me this it is more cost effective to use what I have that already works and seeing as this is for decoration only, I didn’t want to buy more expensive glass paints.

Also, don’t forget to take off any hardware if you can, otherwise just tape it up with painters tape.

Being glass the paint tends to smear around a little, this probably wouldn’t happen with glass paint. To counteract this I painted with a larger, soft, smooth painting brush and I painted in long strokes from the back, around the bottle and meeting at the back again, so any discrepancies will not be seen when the product is displayed.

Despite using acrylic the finish isn’t glossy enough for me, so I will be varnishing it at the end. It is really up to you which finish you desire, again, go for chalk for a completely matte finish and use a matte varnish if you need durability.


I want to say the fun bit, but it is a bit tedious….


You can use a few different things to distress the bottle but I used scissors because you can quickly do all of the bottom layers together. As you work your way up it gets a little trickier but still the easiest tool to do this with. Don’t forget to pop any hardware back on too. You are basically just scratching the paint off in the places where natural wear would occur, so I went all out and did all of the ridges and the lettering because I love the way this looks…. Check it out!

I really love the way it looks! It did need three coats and I managed to paint the whole thing using the leftover paint that dripped out of my previous bottles! It was super hard to photograph but can you see the light shining through the bottle? You really can’t but it does and it looks wonderful! It almost glimmers as the glass contrasts with the paint.

What do you think?


Lulu x



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