Sunny Skies and Rainy Days

It’s raining here.

After a mild storm the rain is dissipating. It is making that pitter patter sound that I find so soothing and bouts of light thunder remind me i’m not just listening to a meditation CD. I do love the rain, the exception being when my hair is all done up, which isn’t as often as I like to make out.

Like most, I really love a sunny day but sometimes a rainy day is nice. The garden looks better for it and every now and then we might see a rainbow. We get quite a bit of rain in this country but considering it is the middle of summer i’m surprised, actually that is a lie, i’m never surprised by our weather, although it is mostly mild we tend to see those four season days, it is not uncommon in England to wake up to blue skies and sunshine and end up eating lunch in the middle of a thunder storm.

If in England it is always wise to carry a cardigan or coat around. You never know when the weather may change. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Vivaldi composed his four seasons whilst visiting England on a midsummer day.

As we speak I can see the sun peeping through the clouds and the rain had almost fully stopped. At least I will have something to talk about over tea, I heard that apparently a love of talking about the weather is an inherently British trait, I suppose no where else has weather as strange as ours. :’)

Lulu x


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