Seeing the World

I still get so excited when I get a view from a new country! Today I had my first view from Iceland, how cool is that?! I’ve also had views from: Ghana, Panama and Nepal! I find it so interesting when I get views from far away places. 

Isn’t the internet amazing?! We can see the real lives and experiences of others in really far corners of the world, no censuring and no edited documentaries, just the real lives of people that perhaps a decade or so ago we never would have had a chance to interact with.

In my opinion, most people are more expressive through writing than any other form and I love to read about peoples experiences because I feel that things are better explained in writing and pictures. I would rather read the blog of a teenager in Ghana and see that place through her eyes than watch an edited film where we do not scratch the surface, in saying that I do love documentaries, but i’m just saying how cool it is that the internet allows us to connect with the world!

With sites like WordPress and Tumblr it has never been easier to connect with and read about the experiences of other people in other countries and thanks to the likes of Airbnb and flight comparison sites it has never been easier to travel the world and see, first hand, those amazing picture perfect scenes we see on websites.

Where do your views come from?

Lulu x


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