Small Space Big Love

I’ve been super into interiors for a long time but recently I have become completely obsessed with house tour videos. Especially the ones from real people, not just staged homes or pinterest-worthy pictures!

I really love tiny homes. It all started a couple of years ago when I saw the show Tiny House Nation, if you haven’t seen it, you should! Basically it is these two guys, who are super passionate about free-living ie: mortgage free, mobile and eco-friendly and they custom build tiny homes on wheels for families looking for a debt free lifestyle. Their talent and ingenuity is second to none, it is so inspiring to watch Zack build custom furniture pieces that fold out here and tuck away there, and everything has multiple uses!


I think that is the secret to tiny homes, everything is multi-purpose and every inch of available space is used. Compact homes have been around for a long time and putting a home on wheels is hardly a new concept but the idea of a “tiny home” is that it is a forever home designed, not only to be comfortable for a week or two but to be comfortable for life and with the added benefits of being able to move them around. Gone are the days of stuffy caravan chic, tiny homes embrace the new, the bold and the adventurous.

Image result for caravan interiorRelated imageThings are a lot more thought out in a tiny home because it is a forever home, not just a holiday home. Space is better utilised and large windows make them feel more spacious however their small size means they stay warmer for less money.


I think the tiny house movement is a wonderful practice of minimalism and living more eco-friendly, and of course they can be made stationary, larger and as eco-friendly as desired.f35e3ae9052f5b91acec8797a9c76006--mountain-cabins-mountain-homes

Apart from the tiny homes I also love seeing tours of Japanese apartments, not least because they are some of the smallest in the world. They are built with such creativity to get the most out of the small space they occupy, something that Western homes lack.

Image result for tiny japanese apartmentThe one on the right is actually a Manhattan apartment, but you get my point.

Like most of us I enjoy wide open spaces, especially in a clutter-free house, however something I like about tiny homes is that they pretty much force you to be a minimalist. I mean, how much of that space do we really need, or want? I think tiny homes really help people to connect more with nature and people as the small space means homeowners often end up entertaining outside when possible. These tiny homes mean that there just isn’t comfortable room for clutter and achieving the minimalist look in a tiny home can be a big challenge.

However it is not impossible! One of my favourite parts of the aforementioned television show is pare down day, I love seeing the look on the homeowners faces when John hands them a more than modest cardboard box and tells them that all of their possessions must fit inside! Sure this is extreme, and every case is different, but it gets you thinking doesn’t it? About what you really need and what you want out of life.

I really enjoy looking at all the different design features and layouts of tinier homes, I mean anyone can make a large kitchen in a large house look good but how many people can make a kitchen the size of a litter box look good? It encourages people to be more creative with the limited space. People also become more creative with furniture layouts and designs and this is what keeps me interested in home tour videos, I also love the ones where the owners start getting all their drawers and cupboards out, I love getting little organising tips and tricks from them, is that strange? I am a very nosy person. :’)

I spend a great deal of time looking at pictures of other homes and interiors and this in turn motivates me to keep working on my own home, decluttering and making it pretty. We currently live in a large three bedroom house and I think living in a larger house can encourage clutter ie: more space to fill, more space makes you unaware of how much stuff you own and I hope to downsize soon in order to move forward with my efforts of minimalism.

Lulu x



12 thoughts on “Small Space Big Love

    1. Yes! I took down the contact page, but I will put it back up. I’m always open to exchanging ideas. Glad you liked the post. 🙂


    1. Haha, I completely agree ! Have you seen the decks that pull out from underneath? That would have to be our book draw. :’)


    1. So you get the best of both worlds! 😀 Buddha would be impressed by your use of ‘the middle way’ , congrats to both of you ❤ x


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