Daily Prompt


I’m glad I managed to catch this prompt because I think it is the perfect analogy for what i’ve been talking about lately.

Decluttering! 😀 Yeah!! Write it too many times and it stops making sense. To be honest the pesky red line tells me it’s probably not even an actual word, but give me something better?

Decluttering is pretty much like a carousel. You can chose to get off, but you know you will only want to get back on again.

I’m quickly learning that decluttering anything be it: social media, belongings, even the sink full of dishes, everything takes time. I genuinely though at the beginning that i’d be able to declutter my entire house in a day. Don’t laugh. 😛 I didn’t think I had that much stuff and I bet that other people think this way too. By going through a decluttering prcoess be it KonMari or Project 333 you really start to see the sheer volume of clutter that you have. I honestly didn’t think I had that much stuff. Boy how wrong I was.

Going through these processes is beneficial, no matter how well you declutter independently, because they give you different perspectives of your stuff. In Project 333 there were things I kept but those same items didn’t make the cut with KonMari, by doing someone else’s declutter routine you get a different viewpoint.

Decluttering is a process, it isn’t something that can be done in a day, no matter how hard you try. It is always going to be a carousel, you just need to learn to enjoy the ride. Sure eventually if you keep at it you will have your house JUST the way you want it, but you will always need to keep on top of it in order to stop clutter becoming an issue again, so like I said you can always hop off the carousel and relax for a bit, but eventually you’ll need to get back on so that you don’t forget how good it feels.

Lulu x


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