How Was Your Day?

You would not believe the day i’ve had. *Slurps tea*

I don’t know if I mentioned already but today was brace day! After waiting for my pulled tooth to heal and having elastics in for a week I was finally ready to have my braces fitted! 😀

Usually Souly drives me everywhere, because he is a sweetheart and i’m still learning. :’) Well he is out of town at the moment *sad face* so I had to make my own way to the dental hospital. Which sucked. You know how a journey will take like 20 minutes in a car? That same journey will take you over an hour on the bus. The dental hospital used to be in the city centre but they moved it, goodness knows when, out of town so it is now very difficult to get to. It is on the outskirts of town which means I had to get a bus into the town and then a taxi out of the town. I chose to get a taxi for the second leg of my journey because I wanted to ensure I arrived in good time, and I didn’t want to get stressed looking for the other bus stop. I downloaded Uber and was quoted about £7 and I planned to get the bus home so my whole journey would have been £11.00 which is a lot but I thought it was worth it to be a bit less stressed, especially since I was already so nervous about today.

So I left with two whole hours to get there. I hate surprises so I planned my journey meticulously, leaving extra time for any delays. I got to wear my winter coat which i’ve been dying to put on again, so I was very happy! It’s one of those parkas with the big fluffy hood and it’s black with white fluffy fur. Souly and I were saying like two days ago how we both couldn’t wait to wear our coats again, because it’s been rather warm in England lately, so yes I was happily surprised when I had the chance to put it on. Of course the sun came out on the way home so I practically baked like a potato.

So I got into the town with plenty of time to spare. I was nice and relaxed and just confirming my pick up location on Uber when all of a sudden:

We could not verify your payment.

It’s fine, I told myself, we will use paypal. Not Working. Try the card again, Couldn’t verify. Maybe they take cash? They don’t. By this point i’m practically freaking out. OMG. I’m going to miss my appointment, they will take me off the system and put a big black dot next to my name and i’ll be referred back to my home dentist and no dentist will ever want to see me again and i’ll have crooked teeth for the rest of my life! D:

Whilst hyperventilating I phone a cab company I used to use for nights out, they help me out because they’re lovely, but they can’t get to me within 20 minutes. In 20 minutes I need to be at the hospital! But JUST before I have a complete breakdown and give up on life and resign myself to the aforementioned black dot of doom google tells me to get Gett. It is like uber, but it’s not uber, but it works the same way. I pump in my details whilst sparks fly off of my fingers and Parvez (The most wonderful man in the world besides my fiancé) is on his way!

In his glorious, magical, baby-vomit green taxi he whisks me away to my appointment. Along the way he tells me all will be fine and he will get me there on time, whilst I continue to pant between expressions of frustration at Uber. “Ahh forget Uber” he tells me. Parvez is a wise man.

He got me there in 10 minutes! Google said 20 minutes on a good run. Parvez saved my day! Perhaps my entire life (in relation to my teeth anyway).  I tipped the maximum (12%) on the app and rated him 5 stars but not before expressing my gratitude by proclaiming “Thank you so much” approximately 500 times.

Parvez and his magical teleporting taxi saved my entire day. I promptly uninstalled Uber and gave Gett a glowing review. I recommend this app 100%. If I ever need a taxi again it will be my first choice. It was very cheap and with my first time user coupon (automatically applied) my whole journey, which should have been £7 not including the tip was £3.34! I think it is the cheapest taxi ride i’ve ever had! Gett are very generous with their coupons, every time you rate a driver they give you credit and for every referred friend that takes a Gett trip you get £50 credit!! That’s like 2 free nights out transportation.

Anyway, I digress, this is not an advert for Gett. Promise. :’) So I got there with 5 minutes to spare before I was called in to see my dentist. My dentist at the hospital is SO nice. No matter how much I squirm, dribble or moan he is always super reassuring and patient.  He is kind but thorough, of course treatment is always going to hurt but i’m happy knowing he is taking time to get it right for me.

I really hate dental treatment, having someone peering into my mouth, especially when I hate my teeth is embarrassing and uncomfortable. But needs must and I will be thrilled when I have lovely aligned teeth. 🙂 I also hate that at the dental hospital it is all very open and there is minimal privacy which means while i’m sitting there with my lips all stretched open and this man’s hands in my mouth people can just come up to the station and see me in my most vulnerable moment. :’) It doesn’t normally happen but because I was there for a long time today, it did. A junior came up to my dentist and they had a whole 3 minute conversation whilst i’m sitting there looking ridiculous with my crooked teeth on show for the world. Urgh.

BUT it’s all over now and i’m SO happy. After all this time I finally have braces! I was meant to get these when I was kid, i’m not sure what happened, but better late than never! My teeth hurt terribly and the braces are very difficult to clean, but it will all be worth it. Plus Souly thinks I look really cute, which helps, especially since I wear glasses sometimes too. I opted for the silver brace fittings, no need to draw any more attention than necessary. :’)

ezgif-4-65ac7ef932Be nice, it took a lot of courage to upload this. :’)

It was rush hour by the time I ended up on the bus heading back into town, so that took a while and then the bus out of town took even longer. I left the house at a quarter to one and I didn’t get home until half past six! Long day. I’m so worn out.

The dentist said I can’t eat any hard foods for a couple of weeks so I made scrambled eggs for lunch. What. A. Mess. There was egg in like every bit of my brace. There are many things you don’t want stuck in your teeth and egg is one of them. So I had to clean them, which was an ordeal in itself. *Sigh*

I’m all curled up with a green tea now and i’m very happy today is over. It was stressful and uncomfortable and now i’m just happy to be warm and cosy with tea in hand. 🙂

Lulu x


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