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Hanging Door Sign

So I didn’t even play sims in the end, I did this instead!



Yeah, pretty cool huh?

I know i’ve hung it in a stupid spot but it was the best place for it.

I went for a typewriter font to fit with the reading theme and I kept it quite minimal however you can just adjust my method to create yours in a different way ie: different colours/ fittings/ fonts etc, and I had so much fun making this that I want to do another one and cover it in cabochons! 😀

I actually wanted to post this yesterday as i’ve been long overdue a craft post, but I ended up on the phone to Souly for hours. So better late than never!

Do you like the writing in the middle? I think I prefer it to the left to right format that I usually do. I might keep it. What do you think?


Wooden Oval Plaque

Screw Eyes/ Hooks

Chain (incl attachments)

Acrylic Paint

Large Soft Painting Brush

Thin Pointed Painting Brush

A H Pencil



I bought the oval plaque from Hobby Craft for £2.00. It was a light beech colour and I just watered down some white acrylic and did a light coat to make it look white but with wood grain peeping through. I used a medium, soft, flat brush. Of course you can’t tell there is wood grain because my camera sucks.


I then painted the edge black using the pointed paint brush. This took some time because the edges were a little raw in places, you could probably sand them to make it easier but I was lazy.

I repeated this step on the back too, because when it spins slightly you will be able to see the back.



Mark out where each letter will go to ensure the word is centred. I measured my oval horizontally and then divided that number by how many letters were in my word. Don’t forget to leave a few centimetres between each letter and either side of the word. My letters were 2cm each with 0.2cm spacing between. I also found it helpful to make the top and bottom of the letters with a line to ensure they were the same height.


I messed up a few times but by using a 5H pencil I was able to quickly and easily rub out any mistakes. Make sure you do this step as accurately as you can.


Choose your font! I got mine from a font website online, I forget which. As I mentioned I went with a typewriter font in keeping with the library theme, I also liked the fact that this particular font gave allowances for any discrepancies. Of which there are many. :’)

Screenshot 2017-08-12 at 15.20.39

I used black acrylic paint with a pointed brush however I think this wood is quite versatile and has a smooth surface so you could just as easily use a marker pen or any other medium with ease.


Draw out the word using the 5H pencil. This will make life a lot easier than free-handing because you can easily clear up any mistakes and you will have a guideline.



Go ahead and paint the word. Like I said make sure your accurate, the paint will not mask any discrepancies in your measurements or drawing, it is tedious, but it’s important.


As you can see it isn’t print perfect however the typewriter font really helps…


Add on your hardware & fittings!


I spent about half and hour scouring the craft room for two screw eyes. I literally searched high and low for those things. I had one silver and one copper, so I painted them black. They’re very cheap to buy but make sure you check toolboxes, craft boxes and jewellery boxes because you are bound to have some long lost screw eyes hiding away…

Souly likes to make jewellery (can you believe he didn’t have any screw eyes?) so I nabbed some chain lengths out of his box, again these are very cheap to buy I think the one I used was from B&Q. I tried silver but with everything being black I just went with a black chain. I took the attachments off of a necklace chain using two sets of long nose pliers. If you have no pliers at all then ask someone strong… :’) I also painted these black.

The attachment to the bracket was an O ring I found in the bottom of my craft draw, these are probably everywhere in your house, otherwise again, cheap to buy. I also painted this black.

IMG_20170812_213306 I think I got the bracket in Wilko for a couple of pounds. I don’t remember. It wasn’t much though… What do you think?

Don’t laugh at my gross magnolia walls…. I rent. 😛

Who even still uses magnolia? Why are they still manufacturing magnolia? No one likes it. I am very lucky that my bedroom walls are white. You know, when I first moved in my bedroom had a fireplace wall that was bright fuchsia pink. It was the first thing to go. It was honestly awful. You cannot even imagine. :’)

I had so much fun making this! I’m going to make some more so let me know if it sucks so I can save myself the trouble… :’)

Lulu x


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