Untitled Ramblings

I love reconnecting with old music. 

I sometimes hear songs that I used to love and fall in love all over again. I’m still in the process of de-cluttering and I recently sold my CD collection in it’s utter entirety. I’ve been buying CD’s for over ten years and my collection was about 90 strong. All CD’s that I truly loved and had been well played. I transferred a few onto my memory stick but most were albums I hadn’t listened to in months and even years.

The collection included a very rare CD from Tokio Hotel, they were my favourite band when I was fourteen, I had scoured the web looking for this particular CD, it was the german version of ‘scream’ called ‘schrei’ and it was an early release single, Bill’s voice is so different. I must have played that CD at least a hundred times. I LOVED it. It seemed kind of sad that something once so treasured now lay in a pile unheard for years. I gave it one last play, appreciated it’s awesomeness of epic proportions and sent it on it’s way to be loved by someone else. It always sucks giving up things that were once so special and that you worked so hard to get. I spent a long time collecting my CD’s and spent a lot of money but that was still no reason to keep them in my life. Things should only be kept if they add value. If I wanted to listen to the songs again I could download them, having a big stack of CD’s was not aiding me in becoming a minimalist. So off they went, to a better place. I’m not saying if you play your vast CD collection on repeat that you should get rid of them, things that bring you joy in such a way are adding value to your life, but you could always digitise?

There are some songs that we never really stop loving, we may forget about them but when we hear them they will always prompt our feet to tap. For example, one that comes to mind for me is: The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody, I heard the song for the first time when I was about 6. We were gathered at my grandad’s house for a barbecue one summer when he put this record on and I can still remember the moment very vividly. It was as if angels were singing from inside the house, and in the middle of a beautiful sunny day I went inside and sat next to the record player as if in a trance. I do not listen to it very often, in fact hardly ever, but when it does come on it will always bring a smile to my face because it reminds me of that perfect summers day at my grandad’s house.

My grandad was seriously awesome for numerous reasons, just one of the more insignificant reasons is; he had this AMAZING strawberry ice cream. It was like, literally, my favourite thing in the world. That summer I must have ate the entire tub. I only wish I knew what it was called. Still now I have no idea what ice cream it was and i’ve never tasted strawberry ice cream the same, it was a very distinct flavour of icy-cold artificial strawberry creaminess. Has this ever happened to you? There was something you ate and loved in childhood and always wanted to have it again? All this talk of food has made me hungry…

I’m not sure where I was really going with this post but now I know where I am going; to the fridge.

Lulu x


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