Do You Take Sugar?

It’s been six days since I had my braces fitted…

I wanted to update you on my situation, brace yourself. Haha, see what I did there? :’) *Ahem* Sorry….

I didn’t intend for this post to be gross at all but if you are squeamish there are a couple of icky mentions and pictures… I can only apologise. 

I’m quickly learning how to adapt to having a mouth literally full of metal. It really sucks. Nevertheless I am super grateful to be having the treatment that will give me lovely teeth and I want to share my experience so far.

Something I wish I had been told beforehand is this; when the dentist asks you if the braces feel uncomfortable or painful, make sure to move your mouth around a bit, make silly faces if you have to. Of course they will be uncomfortable at first but as soon as I got home I realised there is a very painful spikey bit of metal poking into my cheek at the back of my mouth and I only realised this when I ate lunch. There is no way I can be bothered to make an appointment just to have it sorted because a) i’m lazy b) the hospital is far away and c) i’m lazy. The orthodontist will give you some wax but because it is at the very back of my mouth it is super hard to apply the wax and I have to reapply it after every meal.

Stock up on oral hygiene supplies. Before my dentist my routine consisted of: mouthwash, 2 minute teeth brushing and an every other day floss if I could be bothered. Now it consists of 2 mouthwash/ water rinses to loosen food (sorry that’s gross I know), 5 minute floss session with an inter dental stick to get residual food (reaaaally sorry…), 5 minutes of brushing my braces with a specialised mini brush and about 10-15 minutes of super sonic oral b powered brushing of my actual teeth and gums. I’m not exaggerating. That is what I have to do every morning and night and after every, single meal or snack or nibble of food that I eat. It sucks. So much.

On the plus side it certainly puts me off eating too much which my waistline shall thank me for. Since we are on the topic of eating that is something else I should mention. I can’t eat excessive amounts of sugar or it could lead to decay and this:

Gross huh? I have currently cut out as much sugar as I can out of my diet and it hasn’t been as hard as I expected. A few cookies have tempted me and a few smoothies have nearly brushed my lips but alas, I have overcome the temptation and I shall have pearly white teeth! The lack of difficulty I put down entirely to the fact that for the week before my brace and the few days after my brace I was barely able to eat at all. Everything was too painful, even soft foods because then I had to brush my teeth, which hurt. So eating anything at all was wonderful!

I would recommend stocking up on sugar free shakes/ meal replacements. I drank slim fast through a straw for a few days but this isn’t good for us brace faces because it is high in sugar! There are similar products out there though which have no sugar, I just happened to have slim fast in the cupboard.

I never realised how much sugar is in everything. I buy whole milk and even that has sugar in and a lot more than you would expect. It’s milk?! How does sugar get into it? :’) So like I said i’ve cut out as much as I can but i’m still hopping around in the minefield that is sugar avoidance. I am going to look for sugar free alternatives to my favourite supposed sugar free foods ie: pasta/ pizza etc but for now I will give myself a pat on the back for: avoiding cookies, saying no to that slurp of lucozade, checking the nutrition labels at the store and switching to a low sugar porridge.

I also switched my spoonful of nutella in my porridge for a spoonful of organic cacao powder, it certainly isn’t the same but it’s still nice. A tip for anyone who may happen to do this is to mix a bit of milk in with the cacao powder in a separate container in order to make a paste like consistency, this will mix better with the porridge and will not leave it grainy. So yeah, i’m doing well, in my opinion, but i’ve still a long way to go. Oh oh I forgot to mention I found this ice cream that is sugar free! Okay so it’s full of polycols (artificial sweeteners) which i’m sure has much research to say are terrible however I did some research and I found an article stating that polycols will not cause the same acid producing effects inside your mouth that sugar will so it’s a goer! I have an appointment with my orthodontist in a few weeks and I will ask him to see what he says, just to make sure, I wouldn’t want to risk teeth like the aforementioned.

All this sugar research has opened my eyes to the struggles of the diabetic, of which 1 in 16 British people are. If I had to avoid sugar for medical reasons I think I would find it so, so difficult, it really makes you appreciate how lucky we other 15 are. Can you imagine going to a restaurant and having to ask for nutrition info every, single time and never being able to have a social drink with friends, and here was me begrudging having to carry a toothbrush around, it seems trivial now doesn’t it?

I know i’m moaning a lot but I am indeed very grateful and I wouldn’t choose to not have the braces because the rewards far outweigh the negatives. Besides it’s not all bad, i’m eating healthier, my fiancé thinks they’re cute AND they make my lips look ever so slightly plumper. Win.

Souly and I were having a giggle because we think braces look so medieval! I know there are a couple of different types but you’ve seen mine and if you don’t want to look at that post they look like this:

Image result for teeth braces

Is this the most airbrushed picture of braces you’ve ever seen? :’) Okay, so mine don’t look exactly like this picture….

They look medieval though don’t they? Especially with all those screws and bits. We made cordless telephones into smartphones and magic brooms into gtec air-rams and we can’t make Frankenstein-esque braces look any more inconspicuous? The only reason I love mine is because Souly constantly tells me how much HE loves them but I could see why some people wouldn’t like them….

My braces are a bit uncomfortable however i’m through the worst of it. That spikey bit of metal is very annoying but the wax is helping and i’m seeing the dentist soon. You know, I might just be over thinking it but I swear my teeth have already started moving! It is very exciting, I can’t wait to post my before and after pics! 😀

Lulu x


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