Another Step Towards Minimalism

Finally something noteworthy happened!

I got rid of these:

This was the actual picture I put on eBay…. there is a mug there… with no coaster! Looking at this now I cannot believe they sold. :’)

But I am so glad they did. I bought these because we needed bedside tables and had a desperate need for storage but back then I thought I could make these look pretty, a lick of paint, some new handles, easy right? Nuh uh. These are laminate which requires sanding, primer and a whole bunch of effort I was never going to be bothered to put in. So they stayed exactly as I bought them. I’d had them for about a year and the left one got a little bosched before we bought a door stop. I bought them for £20 and sold them for £15 so I am very happy! 😀

The trouble is these things were verrrrry spacious which means they got full of rubbish. In getting rid of these I now have a few bags of stuff to deal with however i’m glad for this because it is forcing me to pare down even further!

I started with my craft drawer and us crafters will always keep lots of bits/ paint/ brushes/ etc just in case, and to be fair they usually get used eventually BUT I want to be a minimalist which means I can’t be keeping things just in case. Little bits/ cheaper brushes and old paints can easily be replaced if needed besides there is only so much ‘sap green’ paint one needs.

The DIY drawer was pretty tidy and only had essentials ie: paint tray, rollers, brushes etc and the other two drawers were just orphanages for miscellaneous items ie: old chargers, jewellery, postage bags, poly pockets, you know all that rubbish that you find and stuff in a drawer. Needless to say i’ve been sorting through that. My craft room looks like an absolute hurricane victim, i’ve been making some accessories and they have spilled off of the table and all onto the sofa, floor and surrounding area. The spot where the drawers once were now houses bags and my crate display and some loose boxes.

Every time I seem to tidy up this room I just ruin it again. :’)

Alas! I shall get there.

Anyway the point of this post was to say that it is important not to overlook furniture items. Even seemingly innocent chairs can be taking up non-essential space that could be yours to breathe in. I currently have some big, bulky items listed for sale so I will let you know how I get on! 🙂 Until next time…

Lulu x


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