How Do You Overcome Writers Block?

I know i’ve been quiet the last few days and I can only apologise. I have been distracted however I am here now and i’m gonna pretend that you forgive me because it’s my blog. ^.^

To make it up to you however I will write about…. well… writing. We all get distracted because life gets in the way sometimes, we can’t be on our laptops, phones even buried in our journals all of the time, not unless we get paid to do so…. which i’m sure most of us don’t.

Even without being distracted there are other inhibitors such as: writers block, feeling poorly and generally not having anything to write about. For the last point I would always recommend the daily prompt from The Daily Post.

No matter what gets in our way it is important to always try and write as often as we can. Us writers, bloggers and vloggers channel all of our emotions into our written words therefore in order to stay sane, we must write! :’)

Sometimes the drivel we write isn’t always worth publishing on our blogs, but as long as you’re writing it doesn’t matter, writing in itself can get the creative juices flowing. Often as i’m writing regarding the daily prompt I find inspiration in a word or an idea and it leaves me writing reams upon reams of drivel, which I usually publish because I like to. I like people to read my work and realise where the light bulb went off. My readers will know that I often veer off topic several times and my posts are very incoherent but I like writing this way and I enjoy showing a thought process in all it’s unrefined and unedited glory.

I believe the best cure for writers block is to simply write. Write about anything. You could write about your day or simply what you wore today or even what you made for dinner, simply writing can spark ideas. For example: I wore my favourite Marc Jacobs sunglasses today – I love Marc Jacobs – Marc Jacobs is having a sale OMG – Here is a coupon code I found… enjoy. Okay so it’s not the best example but trust me it works! I love the daily prompt because if i’m stuck I usually talk about what the word means to me this will then usually spark memory that I can share or some advice on an experience I had etc.

If all else fails you could just google some post ideas. I was recently stumped in between craft posts and did this post which I enjoyed so much and so did Souly that we are going to do another one soon! 🙂 In fact I would be really stoked if you got in touch and we did one together! I love to ask random questions.

I am very excited for my upcoming design series I just hope I can vigilantly stick to posting once a day and I hope that pesky thing called life doesn’t get in the way!

Lulu x



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