A Change of Plan

My partner prefers spontaneity over preparation, this usually means we end up on holiday with no socks, at the park with no picnic blanket and at the supermarket with no list. Despite these things his spontaneous nature can be very exciting. If you saw my teaser post then you’ll know i’ve been planning something pretty big! I was planning on showing the first design on Monday 28th and carrying it through til Sunday BUT of course you just can’t make any plans with Souly around! Here is what happened…

It was a regular Thursday…

My games consoles have sold and are ending on Sunday, I have a driving lesson booked tomorrow and I have plans to do my (way overdue) laundry. I had just walked in from a driving lesson. For some reason it is always 100 degrees in her car, perhaps i’m just nervous, so my make up was melting, my hair was frizzed by humidity and I was sweating more than I care to admit. I walked upstairs to find Souly topless, with clothes strewn everywhere, ironing a tshirt. Before I could utter a word he said “We have been invited to see the family.” I exclaimed how excited I was until he said “We’re leaving now.” Of course we are.

That is Souly all over. Incase you don’t keep up with my erratic posts my family-in-law live about 4 hours away on the coast. Visiting them costs a bit of petrol so we always go for a long time, pretty much anywhere from 3-14 days. So you can imagine how shocked I was when we were leaving right there and then. To be honest we usually decide very last minute when we will visit because they, like I have said before, are very busy bees and it can be hard to find a good time. Usually I have a few hours or an evening to pack, however at this point in time I had less than an hour before Souly insisted we leave.

Before rushing head first into my wardrobe I took a step back and remembered this post I had read a few weeks prior. The aforementioned post is from asmallwardrobe which is one of my favourite blogs and I was very inspired by how well she packed! My usual routine consists of a full to bursting cabin case, an overstuffed and very large separate make up bag and my enormous everyday handbag. This doesn’t include my extra shoes, snacks for the car, my big winter parka and my enormous sun hat. Only in England will you need a winter parka AND a sun hat on holiday. As you can imagine this amount of stuff makes packing long and stressful. Not to mention cramming it all into the guest bedroom when we get there.

So with that in mind I picked my most versatile pieces of clothing, my travel toiletries, a small (but still very full) make up bag and some other extras (tablets, underwear, etc). Oh and my laptop of course, blogging on my phone just doesn’t cut it. Souly always takes his laptop so I just slipped mine into his laptop case. So now i’m away with a cabin bag that has room to breathe and my everyday, albiet enormous, handbag. Usually my handbag gets very full, now it only has essentials! 😀

I cannot thank asmallwardrobe enough for that post! Here is what I have bought with me:


Top Left to Right: A cotton summer cardigan, it was white but has turned beige from wearing it on the beach. A pastel pink and blue scarf, a black crop top with a frilly mesh layer, a car burger off shoulder tee.

Bottom Left to Right: A light weight black cardigan, a fairy kei skirt skater skirt, a black open back tee, black slim leg trousers.

I took tips from asmallwardrobe by only bringing versatile pieces, all of these pieces work well with eachother. My pink handbag and pink shoes mean even if I wear all plain black there is still my personality in every outfit. I used to wear skinny jeans but I only wear trousers now, I find them better fitting and more comfortable to my curvier shape.


L-R: Howlite necklace, locket from Souly, Pandora bracelet, pandora rings, headband, Marc Jacobs sunglasses.


These are the accessories I bought, like I said my handbag, shoes and scarf add all the personality I need to an outfit. I wear the same handbag and casual shoes pretty much everyday. My handbag i’ll show you below and my shoes are low-top pastel pink converse.


My make up bag! I do actually have nicer make up at home! :’) I have two foundations because one is specifically durable in high heat and one is more moisturising when it’s cold. (You just never know in England)


Toiletries are always a problem for me because I have so many. I have bed head shampoo and conditioner, redken hair mask, molton brown wash, femfresh, victor&rolf lotion, dermalogica face wash, sukin moisturiser, sponge, travel size bon bon perfume, all my oral hygiene accessories, and my venus swirl. I love my wash bag, Souly’s sister got it for me! 😀


This is the rest of my case: scoks (sorry) hairbrush, backcomb brush, hair spray, volume dry shampoo, laptop charger, ginseng tea, beauty blender, underwear, tablets,nail polish.


My handbag!! Souly spent days hunting for this very rare, out of season Hello Kitty Loungefly bag! I got it for a bargain price and had it shipped over from the U.S! 😀 I use it everyday and it is such a good bag! It’s huge and strong. Inside: Anthropologie bookmark, holiday reading material, loungefly hello kitty purse, keys, almonds, dental wax, starbucks straw wrapper, bobby pin, powder and brush, inhaler (for Souly), hand sanitiser  and a hair clip! 😀 Notice how I showed you the contents honestly and didn’t clear out the rubbish! Usually there are many receipts in there, but ya know, gotta make room before going away!

I know it needs refining and this is A LOT of stuff buuuuut it’s so much less than I usually take and i’m very proud of myself! 😀

So tomorrows lesson got cancelled, my games consoles are sorted and thankfully I didn’t forget my socks! I think my packing needs a lot of refinement but I am very happy that I didn’t struggle, my case isn’t too heavy and there is room for my things. Plus it didn’t take me as long to pack!

As fun as I find Souly’s impulsive tendencies sometimes I like to get excited for things! My birthday and the Paris trip are about the only things with built up excitement.

Do you have to plan things in advanced or can you just get up and go?


Lulu x


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