Earth Beneath My Feet

I never considered being relaxed as an obstacle that would inhibit my writing.

I have not been this relaxed in a long time. That kind of relaxed where even reading is out of the question, that kind of relaxed where all I can do is sit in the sun and melt into further depths of unimaginable relaxation. Aaah. 🙂

I have wanted to write more since we arrived at casa del famailia however there has been a heatwave that has meant i’ve found it hard to drag myself out of the garden or off of the beach.

Honestly it feels good to get my fingers tapping away again but i’m still excited to go to the beach again later. I’ve been dying to tell you what i’ve been up to this week but I still don’t think i’ll manage it in this post.

The dog is snuggled next to me, my father-in-law is playing reggae music and the sun is beaming through-out the house. I am relaxed. I feel like my body should be an extra in the persistence of memory, my face resembles the folks at the 1969 woodstock and I swear to you i’m sober. :’)
I think if I was to have a drink I might never emerge from this perfect abyss of bliss.

When I feel this relaxed it makes me more laid-back and free. I have been walking around barefoot when possible because I love feeling the pebbles, the sand and the earth beneath my feet, Souly usually forbids any bare feet at home for, a very valid, fear of tracking dirt around the house. I bought some very light trousers, a bit boho, hippy style and they are so comfy i’ve practically been living in them. I barely make any effort to get ready when we go out which is nice, I feel more open with people too. People who live on the coast are very friendly, open people. Everyone has dogs which I love. I love seeing all the animals like the horses, sheep, chickens, cats and dogs.

I’m going to lay in the sun now.

I promise i’ll write you soon…

Lulu x


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