Where Did I Go?

I’m Back!

And I cannot wait to tell you all about my time away…

So if you saw this post or even this post then you will know Souly and I went to visit the family for a week or so over the bank holiday weekend. I’m unsure what happened but if you follow me you will know I post near enough every day and the whole time I was away I barely wrote at all. I read a lot but I didn’t write as much as I usually do.

The family live on the south coast and there was a heatwave so the weather was glorious the entire time we were there. I think it fried my brain a little and that’s why I was unable to write, I was so relaxed that I could barely move some days, all I could do was lay in the sun and bake like a bean.

Their garden is my favourite place!

As you step out of the gorgeous folding doors and into the patio area, on the left is a glass dining table surrounded by greenery and plants and overhead is a trestle supported by trees which has lots of foliage atop of it. It gives the whole dining nook a woodland vibe and it is so cosy! As you walk up the steps, surrounded by beautiful newly planted flowers, you reach the main part of the garden, a vast, green space with gorgeous flower beds, trees and shrubbery on the left, trees on the right with a smaller, round dining table cast into the shade and in the middle is a little pond. There are some fish that live in the pond and it attracts other critters too. In the middle are some cute lily-pads and a lotus flower.

Please don’t steal my images. 😦 Free for personal use! 🙂

As you walk a little further into the garden there is the rattan outdoor sofa and chairs where we all sit most of the time, it is surrounded by flower beds and a large apple tree. The apples have started to fall and the dog really loves chasing them. All of the flowers, plants and trees really make this garden feel like a little, private, jungle-esque haven. The garden attracts many varieties of bird, dragonfly and butterflies. There is a sort of tree arch behind the apple tree that leads into the second part of the garden which houses another pond with fish, dragonflies and snails, a green house, more trees and a large shed.

Her tail is bent to lay eggs.




This little guy sat so well for my barrage of photographs! The underside of his wings remind me of the marble boards on old books.

As you can probably tell I really love their garden but enough about that for now. I want to tell you about the beach party we went to! It was the beach cafe’s birthday and every year they have a fireworks party. Buuuut for some reason I only bought a skirt and a pair or trousers with me, I thought the skirt would be fine but it gets really cold at night so I went against my recent minimalist habits and bought some beach trousers, however i’m so glad I did because I practically lived in them for the whole time, they are my new favourite trousers!


Cool huh? They are the comfiest trousers i’ve ever owned, seriously, they’re like pyjamas!

I love my necklace too! A family friend gave it to me while we were there, it is mount Fuji but I think it looks like a marshmallow! :’)

Anyway, the beach party was so fun because we had a BBQ on the beach but because Louie is eating super clean right now we had a fish feast! It was SO yummy! We had: squid with tentacles, mackerel fillets, sardines and salmon. It was a nice change from the usual burgers and hot dogs. :’) It was nice to eat a bit healthier too, especially since i’d bought a crate of beer to share with the family. I wish i’d taken a picture to show you! The tentacles were so weird! Haha.

We watched the sunset and it was so pretty and as the sky grew darker and the stars emerged a beautiful crescent moon came out of hiding.

IMG_20170825_193058 (1)img_20170825_192758-e1504266398157.jpg

As you can see we are both white as ghosts and we like it that way so sun hats and glasses are a must! :’) I even put factor 30 on my feet.


The sunset was beautiful and this picture does it little justice.

We had a lovely time but we all got so chilly in the end we left before the fireworks. We were all so happy to be huddled and warm in the car!


So that was a lovely night! We also went to different beaches throughout the week to relax and sunbathe. My favourite thing is seeing all the cute doggies! Everyone here seems to have an adorable mutt and they are so friendly!!

We had a night out or two and visited some friends however my favourite thing to do when we are here is visit the book shops! There are 3 secondhand/ antique book stores within close proximity of each other and then there is an industrial/ vintage estate behind the town which has a few special booksellers. They are all reasonably priced and at home my antique book hunt doesn’t extend far beyond eBay so it is always a treat to find time to visit one. I usually buy one, two or more books each time I visit. This time I only had time to visit one book store however I picked up something pretty special!

It is neither old nor antique however I think it will make a delightful edition to my collection!


It will go perfectly with my Yellow Book and I cannot wait to get stuck into it! I’m currently making my way through the descriptive world of Des Esseintes so a review will be coming soon! 😀

If you’re still reading this far then I saved the worst for last. I’m going to tell you about the worst dog walk of my life.

It was a bright, sunny day and I was taking the family pooch for a stroll in the neighbourhood. Dog walks are my favourite and as the family have only recently moved to this house I thought i’d have a wander around. I was wearing comfy flip flops borrowed from my mother-in-law and I had my lovely, giant sun hat on and the dog had his cute designer lead on. I had borrowed Souly’s backpack so I didn’t have to take my handbag, it is a bright yellow Pikachu.

I walked about a mile to where I knew a nice walk would be, however I stopped short of the turn for the river walk because I saw a sign saying “public footpath”. I took a few steps into the open field along the path and a saw a nice high hill and I thought how wonderful to climb the hill and see the view of the countryside. It was a beautifully sunny day and I really love a nice countryside view. The hill looked perhaps a mile away and didn’t seem like it would be too much in flip flops so off we went.

The pooch was having a wonderful time, being in the countryside there is a lot for a dog to be inquisitive about and a lot of fun obstacles to dodge like horse gates, fences and ponds. About fifteen minutes into the walk the path stopped at a gate, it was clearly a private farm and the sign saying footpath turned to the right. It looked a little strange, to get to the footpath we had to cross a field of long grass but so we did and my feet got a little wet due to the dew that had formed.

We reached a fence entering a woodland that the dog couldn’t cross but there was no sign saying dogs were not allowed so I picked him up and over we went. I decided to go left towards the big hill I had spotted earlier, after about twenty minutes of walking through the darkened, secluded forest I saw the hill through the trees. Turns out the hill I had my sights set on was part of the private farm. Boo. The woodland ran the whole length of the farm and was sectioned off by foliage and a barbed wire fence. Due to the forest being shaded by high trees it started to get muddy, some spots were so muddy they were wet, in the middle of a heatwave!

I thought we would just finish the woodland walk and carry on to the river walk. It had gotten really boggy and I was regretting wearing flip flops. We walked for another ten minutes or so when I could hear buzzing. Anyone who knows me knows I hate buzzing. I dislike flies, I don’t like bees and I entirely disdain wasps. The sight of a wasp terrifies me. I picked up the pace when the buzzing got louder, I saw a yellow buzzing thing on my left. It was a wasp. Oh. My. God. I was being followed by a wasp. I heard more buzzing behind me. I saw another wasp to my right. Why the hell were there wasps in the middle of a forest? And why the hell were they following me? The bag. That bloody yellow bag. Why was this happening to me? I ran. I ran as fast as I could. The dog ran, I ran, I nearly cried, the dog was having a great time, me? Not so much. It was truly terrifying. They thought I was a giant flower running away. Ugh.

I stepped in a bog of mud and nearly lost my mother-in-law’s flip flop, I hurled it out of the mud and took off the other one so as to save it from any damage. I ran barefoot. Yes. Barefoot through the forest. The dog must have thought i’d gone bonkers. There was mud everywhere. All over the flip flops, all over me, my funky trousers, my hands, my hat. It was truly awful. I ran for what felt like forever, I ran as fast and as far as I could. Every time I stopped the buzzing would get closer! I retreated up a steep incline and waited. I could hear buzzing in the distance but it wasn’t getting closer. I thought I was safe for the moment. The dog’s tail was waggling and he was sniffing around while I stood there, covered in mud, panting and on high alert.

All I wanted was to climb that stupid hill. How had this happened to me? I was too scared to go back the way i’d came, the trail seemed never ending and signs for a footpath had long since vanished. I felt hopeless. I wanted to call Souly. What would I tell him? I’m stuck in a wasp ridden forest and to come and rescue me? I didn’t even know where I was! Besides he hates wasps just as much as me. I had two options: keep going and risk being seen by more wasps and risk walking until my feet fall off or hop the fence into the farm.

I scoped out my options and neither seemed particularly enticing. I crept over the path, still on high alert, when I saw an opening in the shrubbery. A little dip down kept me and the pooch safe from any yellow invaders. There were no stinging nettles and the fence looked achievable. I had hopped barbed wire fences before but never into actual private property. Do farmers still shoot intruders? I hardly looked the part in my yellow back pack and giant sun hat. Maybe they would think I was a crazy woman. Do they shoot crazy women? The vicinity was silent and I could see the farm houses in the distance, it seemed quiet. I saw some horses in the next field and they watched me with curious, beady eyes. Do horses chase intruders?

Usually when I hop a fence i’m not wearing flip flops and baggy pyjama trousers. I knew I could do it so I let the dog under first and told him to wait, he is such a good boy he sat and waited for me the entire time, I threw my now muddy hat, bag and sunglasses over the fence along with my now dirty necklace and sandals. The sandals were so muddy I would have slipped for sure. I’d already ran a mile barefoot so I didn’t consider my foot pain.

Climbing this fence of doom was not as easy as I thought. It cut into my feet, the barbs caught on my clothes and skin and the tree next to it was so moss covered it was no help at all. I considered climbing the tree, I could have ticked it off of my bucket list, but the trunk was too large. I stood there in a pickle. For about ten minutes I climbed up and down and around trying to get over this prickly fence of pain and it was no use. I tried to go under and I tried to jump. Nothing. I cried for about a minute exclaiming to the dog how I was going to die in here and be eaten by wasps and he should just go and save himself. He did a lot of head tilting. After almost making it over twice and both times being caught stuck by floaty top I did the unspeakable. This is only to be kept between me and you, okay?….

I took it off. 😦
I did. I took my top off. It had the added bonus of cushioning my sore foot as I climbed over. Then my silly, floaty trousers got stuck. People in movies make it look so easy. I swear there was no one around and I was praying for no CCTV when I quickly and quietly slipped my trousers off. I cannot believe i’m telling you this. It was life and death okay! I was terrified. My trousers and top cushioned my feet as I gracefully leapt over the fence. No i’m joking I fumbled and wobbled and fell into the mud the other side on my knees. I practically kissed the dog and the ground. I was covered in mud and looked horrendous but I was so happy to be free. I gathered my things and walked to freedom, but not before regaining my modesty.

The walk up the hill to the farm was long and the grass was long so I trod in a few stingers. My feet were sore and swollen and I was tired from the sun. I walked for a couple of miles out of the farm and stumbled over a few more fences when I finally reached the aforementioned and intended river walk. I was sick of trees and nature. I wanted to go home. I didn’t want to see another branch or leaf today. I got to the river walk and plonked down on a bench, utterly worn out. Of course in the middle of the countryside you can’t get phone signal so I tried numerous ways of contacting Souly. Eventually I managed to leave a voicemail which he received not to my knowledge. Having given up hope of contacting him I began the arduous walk home.

After trudging along for five minutes Souly came over the hill to my sheer delight! He stopped in front of us and the pooch walked up to car and threw up. Poor thing. It was a hot day. 😦 We fell into the car utterly exhausted and Souly took us home. I had my second shower, Souly washed my clothes and the pooch had some water and curled up on my lap for a well earned nap. I am currently covered in scrapes and nicks. A couple of bruises. I think we’ll just go to the beach next time. 😦

They really need to change that public footpath sign. I hope farmers don’t regularly check their CCTV. *sigh*

What did you get up to over the bank holiday? 🙂

Lulu x


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  1. I guess you like to write. Lots of words. So the butterfly is a Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui). They migrate for north Africa to the UK. We have scads of them in our garden. They mostly migrate from Mexico in our part of the world.

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