Wedding Talk

Okay, I promise i’m still working on my big craft project and operation minimalist is still going nicely, however I have become completely obsessed with weddings. 

Since I got engaged i’ve been Pinteresting hardcore. I now have four theme boards, 2 hair boards, four dress boards and flower pictures too. How does anyone decide what their wedding will be like? I have way too many ideas and I like them all. So. Many. Decisions. At least they are fun decisions. 😀

Screenshot 2017-09-03 at 19.35.59.png
I need to declutter my tabs too…. Feel free to follow me!

We have been throwing suggestions around but one thing we are (pretty) certain of is the date. It has to be May 6th. My parents were married on May 6th and so were his, it has to be May 6th. The year isn’t important, we want to wait until we are both ready and financially stable but we are thinking around the five year mark.

May is a wonderful month for a wedding, it is the warmest month of Spring, the flowers are in full bloom and there is a hopeful chance of sunshine. Since 50% of my ideas are outdoors this is a pretty essential part moreover May falls just outside of “high-season” meaning the wedding won’t cost more than average.

The themes i’ve been toying with are: 

Beach Wedding!

Image result for beach wedding

Super romantic, beautiful backdrop, wonderful outfit options incl being a barefoot bride! However i’ve heard England is a difficult place for a beach wedding, and not just because of our volatile weather but because there are very few venues that host on the sand ceremonies for some technical reason.

Woodland Wedding!

Image result for woodland wedding

Again, so romantic, budget-friendly and some really nice outfit options incl a daisy hair garland and bouquet! However it can get chilly undercover of trees and i’d worry about my guests.

Victorian Style Wedding!

A sepia toned photo highlights the history of the Gothic Victorian home

Can be held indoors so no worry about weather and some amazing dress options! I particularly love the Victorian dress and hairstyles however I don’t think i’d want to go over the top with this theme. I also love the steampunk dresses i’ve seen.

No Theme!

Image result for wedding

Ok so it isn’t really a theme but ‘plain’ is never a word I will use to describe my wedding! However the wedding doesn’t need a theme, we could do a super intimate event in a beautiful location and even incorporate different aspects of my other theme ideas like a flowing beach dress with daisies in my bouquet and a Victorian hairstyle.

As you can see i’ve become quite ahead of myself but I am literally THAT excited! Besides it’s good to plan in advanced right? :’)

Sometimes when Souly and I catch an episode of Cake Boss or the like we often fantasise about our wedding cake, all we can agree on is the exceptional amount of buttercream it must contain. Haha! :’) His grandparents make these amazing, famous butter scones and I think it would be so fun to have a giant strawberry, jam and cream topped scone for our wedding cake! We could serve tea too….

I think before I could make any substantial decisions however we would have to decide on a theme. I really love different types of dresses and I couldn’t pick one without making sure it fit into a theme. Perhaps i’m being silly. I have seen a couple of dresses that I LOOOOOVED equally but were so different, one was a floaty, layered dress perfect for the beach and one was an inordinately large ball gown with a corseted back, probably not the best beach option. Do you see what I mean? I love both these dresses equally and would be happy to wear either therefore the theme is necessary for my decision. First world problems eh?

In reality i’m probably going to end up wearing what I can afford haha! :’) I think I am the opposite of picky. Unpicky? The red line tells me i’ve made that up. My trouble is that I love many things at once. I doubt i’ll have trouble finding a dress I love, the trouble will be picking from all of the ones I will love! My Pinterest is full of different dresses, it would be so much fun to have a custom made dress that had all of my favourite dress parts amalgamated into one! I’d probably just look a little silly though…

I’ve been so entranced in the weird, wide, world of weddings that i’ve barely looked up from my phone in two days! I had to take a step back and spend some quality time with my darling!

We have been playing a lot of scrabble which is our favourite game. The two scrabble games we own have survived many of my minimalist inspired pare downs because we play them often. We have an original version of scrabble, this one was given to us by Souly’s grandparents and it’s a vintage one where the tiles lock into place which is great for playing in bed and on uneven surfaces! The other one we have is Scrabble Trickster, it is really fun because you pick up cards that really turn the game upside down, ie: steal your opponents last score and make your opponent miss their turn however sometimes nothing beats a good old game of real scrabble!


Image result for vintage scrabble
Image result for scrabble trickster The vintage one has tiles that lock into place along with a turntable!

The minimalist in me says “You don’t need two versions of the same game!” But the kid in me says “Yes I do.” Besides we play these often and I already threw out lots of old favourites like Monopoly and The Game of Life. Yeah we like board games. :’)

I actually read an interesting article today about organisation. It was saying how when you have decluttered a lot you should find storage for the other things left behind. This of course seems obvious but sometimes it takes someone to say something in a new way for it to really sink in. I was trying to get rid of everything unnecessary and while that is an ongoing process I still need to tidy up my space. My craft/ sitting room is very messy. The things that have survived pare downs are sitting around on the floor. I have stacks of books and photo frames that need hanging and craft boxes with no where to call home. After reading extensively on minimalism I know how futile buying storage can be when you have too much stuff however I still need somewhere to put the stuff I do have. I like things to be very neat and organised so I am going to invest in some preserve jars and labels and sort out my pantry, because it is very bad in there. You know when packets get lost at the back and something leaked in there a year ago? I need to sort all that out. Admittedly I have only pared down my pantry a couple of times however I will get to sorted and discarding again soon and i’ll make sure to document my progress for you!

Until next time…

Lulu x


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  1. Wedding plans. Egad. My wife and I went through all that over 35 years ago. Our Scrabble is a consolidation of Scrabbles from Spain, Italy and the USA, so we play multi-lingual scrabble. Of course we have to play with or Google Translate open so the mono-lingual players can see the foreign words really exist.

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