The Future is Leaving

I have so much to tell you!

I know i’ve been quiet recently but that’s because i’ve been very distracted. I’m moving house! More specifically i’m moving 150 miles across the country to live with the family in Dorset! 

I have never been so terrified and excited in equal measures. Everything is going to change, but for the better.

Souly and I have spoken about moving to Dorset ever since his parents moved there over a year ago, he and I miss them greatly and often. We are all close and miss each other a lot. The thing that held us back was money really, do you know how hard it is to find a job in another city when you have no reliable way of getting there?

I am really sad to be leaving my driving instructor, especially since i’m so close to taking my test. She is literally the sweetest and kindest woman and I couldn’t imagine anyone else teaching me, but Souly and I had a heart to heart and we know that we won’t let anything get in the way of our move. We have been dreaming of getting out of the big city for a long time and we knew we were not going to turn down this amazing opportunity.

It was his parents really, they are going to let us stay at their second house while they try to sell it and we only have to cover the mortgage, which is reasonable. Can you believe we have been given an opportunity like this? It was an offer we couldn’t refuse! We are hoping to have a minimum of three months in the house but we may get more or if we are lucky and find work quickly it could be even less.

This is literally the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t wait to tell you but i’ve been busy stressing and trying to relax. Haha! I hate moving house. I’ve moved house way too many times and it never gets easier, but regardless I am so excited and so grateful for this chance that i’m actually looking forward to it. I’ve kicked my declutterthon into high gear!

You should see me. I’m like Marie Kondo on speed. Check this out:

img_20170910_182534.jpgThis is all my old artwork from my college days. Not including the huge pieces. I’d kept everything! I have several art qualifications and I kept every single bit and piece to accompany them. It was fun going through it all to be honest but I knew I had to let it go, I hadn’t looked at any of it in years and I certainly hadn’t framed any of it. I took pictures of it all and popped it in the recycling bin. I’d kept all of that stuff (the pile is way bigger in person) because I treasure art and i’d never before thought of ever throwing a painting or drawing away. It seemed wasteful but then again what was the point? I wasn’t getting any enjoyment out of them and anything I missed I could just paint again. So I let it all go. Including that weeks newspaper.

That wasn’t all I got rid of in the last few days either. I sold my dining table set on eBay and I even donated a portion to charity so I could revel in that lovely feeling of doing something good. 😀 The dining table set I bought when I moved into my first flat, it was a pokey studio and i’d always wanted a dining table so I got one of those space saver ones. Turns out there wasn’t even enough room for a space saver set. It has remained in it’s original unopened packaging for the

Image result for dining table mismatched chairs

last four years. Crazy huh? Sure i’ll probably want a dining table again someday but it has been so long that my taste has changed. I wouldn’t want a mass produced little modern one anymore, i’d want one with mismatched colourful chairs, you know the ones? Like this one on the left. I love that! It has the collected over time look that i’m really into nowadays.

The set was fairly cheap anyway and having not opened it in four years I thought it was about time I got rid of it. It just sat behind the couch completely out of sight and out of mind. The minimalist in me was jumping for joy.

I have also made another HUGE choice that involves doing something the bibliophile in me deems controversial and frankly, a travesty. Minimalist me won this battle though. I am selling a huge stack of beautiful books. Here let me show you my books for sale pile:


Don’t worry, I haven’t completely lost it. But I can indeed now fit every book I own actually onto my bookcase, which is nice! I bought the complete Great Writers Library set of 55 books plus file folders on the authors off a lovely lady around the corner. It seemed like a wonderful investment that is before I decided I wanted to become a minimalist, but I don’t regret it! I love being surrounded by beautiful books. These are all gorgeous hardbacks and I am currently selling them on Depop and eBay so go and check them out! I have kept a little under half of the entire library and the ones i’m choosing to sell are ones I either already have other copies of or ones that I will not read. Believe it or not but I actually have about 5 copies of The Picture of Dorian Gray so I thought it was about time I let a couple go. I donate my paperbacks and sell my hardbacks, I could never throw away a book.

Books are my trouble spot and because of my bibliophilia I will never be a minimalist, but I am aiming to be a minimalism with a book collection. :’) I have visions of passing my treasured and well thought out library onto my future generations, just like they used to in the 19th century.

I stood back and took the time to congratulate myself on getting rid of so many books. The ones that don’t sell come moving week I will donate to my favourite charity book shop.  I think it is important to not give up, if something doesn’t sell don’t just hold onto it, sell it elsewhere, give it away, donate it but don’t give up on it or yourself!

It still amazes me how much stuff i’ve accumulated in a short 22 years. I have discarded SO. MUCH. STUFF. But still I have so far to go and understanding this as a process makes it easier for me.

I have also got rid of loads of other bits including 4 pairs of shoes and some old nail polish. Hey every little helps.

I’m sorry I was quiet this week and i’m sorry i’ll be quiet during the month but I promise i’ll keep you updated on everything. 🙂 Oh yeah and I promise i’m still working on crafts. :’)


Until next time


Lulu x






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