First, my sincere apologies for my absence… you know how hectic my life is at the minute.

Now, I want to talk about privacy. One of the top things to do on every mental minimalism list is a “digital detox”. Personally I think i’m pretty good at staying off of social media, however WordPress and Pinterest are my guilty pleasures. Nevertheless despite keeping subscriptions and social media to a minimum it turns out it’s actually still very easy to find me online, and probably in the real world too.

Now i’m not a criminal or a recluseive secret hoarder living with ten cats, I swear, but I like to keep my life pretty private. I like to think if someone looked me up they wouldn’t find anything. I’m sure many of you are the same. I update privacy settings, I make sure to be vague with my address, dates and times i’m out and about and I very rarely give out my phone number. I actually only have 5 contacts in my phone, i’m not sure whether that’s digi-detox-savvy or just a bit sad. :’)

A friend helped me to realise just how easy it is to track me down. With just my email address they were able to find my full name, my blog AND details about what i’ve been up to. Scary huh? To be honest i’m not sure why I prefer to be so private online I just feel like I should get to choose what people see of me. You know?

This event got me thinking more about living off grid. I’ve touched on this briefly before but what with moving to Dorset I feel like more sustainable living is just around the corner… or down the M5. Whatever. To be off grid would mean being more mindful about how I choose to use the limited energy supply i’d have but the phrase “off-grid” means more than that to me, it conjures up images of living in a far away land surround by nothing but vast landscapes, I wonder then if someone could still find me? I’d still have to send emails wouldn’t I? Maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe i’d go back to the letter writing days. Were they not the most romantic of days? I always want to write more letters but I never seem to do so. Alas I digress.

Perhaps the only way to be truly private is to just completely delete my online presence. Souly has almost done it with the exception of a stray facebook account he can’t delete. I just don’t know if I could do it. Facebook is one i’ve never considered deleting because it is basically my lifetime address book. Everyone I have ever known or loved is in my friends list. But what if saving my account for the “what if that person needs to get in touch” is silly. Surely it’s the same as keeping that old winter coat because “what if you magically loose 5 pounds and it looks nice again”.

I wonder what would Joshua and Ryan would do….

I am so open on my blog and for sure I wouldn’t delete it but I would like to get to a point where if you popped my email address into google this blog would be the ONLY hit. After all i’m not actually going into hiding. :’)

You know another thing I don’t like? Paper trails. I’ve been getting into the habit of paying for everything in cash but there are still those unavoidable purchases, rent i’m looking at you.

Okay, I know it’s kinda stupid and I know that no one is snooping into my life but it still, nevertheless aggravates the hell out of me that, if they wanted to, the government could just hack into and access every single part of my online life. They could see how much I spent on pizza last month, how much my rent is, where I went to school, how many friends I have, where I live, you know, all of that. I detest the fact that someone else has the right to delve into my supposedly private life. So I like the idea that if for whatever reason someone went snooping they wouldn’t find anything.

And on top of all of that, it’s not like I go around telling everyone on the street “oh i’m moving to this part of the land” or “I last logged into Pinterest 3 hours ago” and “OH LOOK I PINNED THIS USELESS PICTURE OF A CHAIR BECAUSE IT HAD A CUTE DOG SITTING ON IT!” So why should they be able to so easily find out these things. Wow. I got way more angry than I needed too. I wonder how much anger was necessary for that? None? I disagree.

There is no way I can be the only one feeling like this? What do you do to stay private online?

P.s: I promise I will make an effort to post more this week. ❤

Lulu x


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