The Lasts

When moving to a new place it’s easy to get caught up in the lasts, as I have been doing.

Today is my last driving lesson with Chrissy and i’m super sad to be leaving her so I wanted to give her a shout out. ^.^ She has a website but her Facebook page is better:

I’m pretty sure she covers all the Dudley/ Sandwell area but just send her a text and she will reply promptly. I seriously will recommend her to anyone I meet needing lessons in the area.

This is the last week i’ll spend in my enormous, lovely bedroom on my perfectly quiet but not too out of the way street.

It’s the last time i’ll visit the post office where they squish my parcels through the letter slot for me because they’re so nice.

You know I was writing that list I thought apart from Chrissy it was a pretty rubbish list. Turns out I have way more to be stoked about haha! But the point still stands that it’s easy to forget all the positive things that can come from a move. As someone with very few friends who are spread across the county I am perhaps not showing enough empathy for those with many close friends, obviously that’s a REALLY sucky last…sorry.

ANYWAY it’s important to focus on the positives and remember why you’re moving. These are mine:

  • Cleaner air
  • Quieter town
  • Friendlier people
  • The beach
  • Lots of adorable dogs
  • The local market
  • For the sunny days
  • Beautiful surroundings and scenery
  • More things to do that I like.
  • City is only an hour away
  • Artsy town with lots of independent galleries and interesting people
  • WAY more antiquarian book shops
  • More sustainable living
  • The family

I’m not sure why family ended up at the bottom of the list since they are the main reason we are moving and we love them. :’) Writing that really reminds me of all the reasons why i’m moving and why i’m so excited. To be honest I feel like that kind of life as outlined in the bullet points suits me better than any life I could have in the city. I am very, very excited. I also appreciate the fact that the city is an hour away so if I ended up hating my new rural town I could just up sticks again but it’s also nice because sometimes you want to visit a city to go shopping, get lunch or have a night out etc.

I also wanted to mention about the adorable dogs point, I don’t know if some people might find that strange, dogs in my new area are REALLY cute! Everyone has a small dog. Or a collie. Or just a really cute dog. My current area is a fan of Staffordshire bull terriers, we do not share the same taste. I like small and fluffy. Dog owners are also really friendly too, everyone lets you pet their pooch and I love it, when we walk to market and our surrounded by balls of fluff it genuinely makes me the happiest ever. I also love the fact there are lots of little, old ladies who carry dog treats around, isn’t that the cutest things? Omg. I love dogs. So. Much.

This post was really just for me to remind myself that no matter what stresses and challenges come my way during, and after, this move that I am making the right choice and thought it will be struggle it will lead to a greater quality of life for me and my fiancé and we will be happier for it. I am grateful to have this platform where I can pretty much outline my thoughts and feelings and get everything clear in my head. I feel better now. 🙂

Lulu x


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