My blog posts rarely start with titles.

I guess that is because I never really go in with a plan, unless i’ve actually done a project, which usually I haven’t. I never really know what i’m going to end up writing. In recent times i’ve been thinking perhaps my blog has veered so far away from craft projects that I should just rename it. Not that i’ve become handy or all of a sudden good at DIY but because i’m just not doing enough crafty stuff, in my opinion, for it to be a craft blog. I’m not sure whether it is because life has gotten so crazy lately or because my recent interest in minimalism has meant I don’t want flower pots stacked in the corner and a whole cupboard for craft items.

Whatever the reason, I think it might be time for a change. So if I all of a sudden change my blog direction would you still read it? Are my followers visiting for me, or for my projects? I wonder what i’d call myself now, if not the NotHandyWoman. I’d still post projects but I know that my “ongoings” category has a lot more content than any other. I like the idea of having a specific direction for my blog but perhaps this is my minds way of fighting against the pigeonhole I tried to put it in. I know I control my blog but I like to think I give myself creative freedom and let my writing flow naturally which means pigeonholing my blog wouldn’t work because my content is too inconsistent.

Anyway i’ve done that thing again where I tried to think of a cool opening line and it sent my post in the wrong direction. I wanted to write to tell you what has been happening lately so let’s get onto that…

We have been in our new home for five days! Actually that’s a lie. We had a whole thing on moving day. Let me tell you why you should just go ahead and pay a decent removals company. So Souly has a bunch of connections and a friend of a friend sorted our house move for a very tiny, tiny price which made me very, very happy, until the guys were an hour late on moving day, but that wasn’t even the start of it. As we were paying such a small price they squeezed two other logistics jobs into our day so we had to wait over SIX HOURS for the delivery guy to make the 150 mile trip to Dorset. By the time he arrived it was pitch black and raining. Ugh. He arrived on his own to unload our whole place and as much as i’ve turned to minimalism i’m not quite there yet, he was super tired and smelt horrible and it just sucked.

If Souly’s dad didn’t help us out it would have been so awful. I am super weak and Souly has a messed up wrist so we are just hopeless. :’) Anyway we ended up staying at his parents house for the night because it was so late and we were so tired. The succeeding days were filled with errands and you know, all that stuff you have to do when you first move in ie: bills, meter readings, address changes. I was on the phone for like a whole day but the worst part is, because we are basically in the sticks, there is no signal anywhere. I get signal in one corner of the house so I have to start at a funny angle to make a call. Ugh. I didn’t even speak to my mum for like two days! Face timing everyone is just so difficult too.

I can’t complain too much however I spend too much time on my phone and the weather has been so nice since we got here so it gets me out the house a lot more which I like. I can feel myself relaxing a little more too now things are getting sorted and settled. We have almost completely unboxed all of our stuff which also makes it feel more homely. Ooh, ooh and we have gone almost 100% organic!! Eek! 😀 I bought my eggs from this guy called “The Egg Man” and they were soo amazing. And when I went to the market and ran all of my errands I may have stopped for an hour in my favourite book store and I may or may not have purchased a really neat copy of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago which has been on my reading list forever and i’m so super stoked to read!  Watch out for a book review! 😀

In amongst all of the stress and chaos of the last week i’ve made sure to remember all of the things I am actually really happy about. Moving is stressful but i’m so glad to be here and the nice weather has really help to relax me a little more. I still can’t believe that I haven’t even visited the beach yet! But for real, it’s so nice being around the family and the fresh air is really knocking me out, I sleep so soundly.

Anyway, as usual, i’m pretty tired, so i’m gonna go and i’ll write tomorrow, hopefully. :’)

Lulu x



3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I totally understand not wanting to craft since turning to minimalism. I’m already thinking about Christmas presents, which I would usually make, but I’m thinking I need to go a different route this year since I’m asking for no more clutter! Your blog looks great and I’ll keep reading if it turns to something else!

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    1. This is my first attempt on a clutter free Christmas too! I’d love to hear how you get on. 🙂 Aah thank you, that’s so kind of you 😀 xx


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