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And Now It’s Gone

For anyone who was around at one and twenty this afternoon you may have noticed I made a different kind of post.

But now it is gone.

Into the realm of my virtual trash bin never to emerge. If it were a tangible document it would be a perfectly crumpled ball of paper at the bottom of my plant-pot-that-I-use-as-a-rubbish-bin-because-every-plant-I-have-dies.

I never write about and very rarely talk about politics because i’m too opinionated and my grandfather-in-law gave my the very wise advice to never discuss religion or politics with anyone you want to keep as a friend.

I wrote a post about political correctness after reading today’s Sunday Times’s front page article by Andrew Gilligan entitled: No sex, please, this is the census. I posted it and then took it down almost instantly. I just don’t want that on my blog.

I have a lot of opinions regarding politics that I have mastered keeping to myself, any need of political chit chat I have I just go to Souly since he and I usually see eye to eye on most things and anything we disagree on we can have a constructive debate. I don’t need to write about politics and I certainly don’t want to see politics on my blog. It is too heavy and frankly it doesn’t brighten my day. I love reading the paper but my blog is different. It is my happy place where we have light-hearted discussions together and perhaps the very rare heart to heart. I see enough political articles.

I want to log onto my blog and be inspired by my own content because if i’m not inspired, who will be?

Lulu x


2 thoughts on “And Now It’s Gone

  1. I have a few rare friends that I am able to discuss politics with. These friends are total opposites of me politically. We enjoy sharing ideas and bouncing ideas off on one another. I enjoy this time. I love it because none of us take offense. Sometimes we agree on smaller issues. Social media and blog-wise I try to stay away. Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful person. I have some friends that I would lose immediately if we started up a battle.

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    1. That’s so great that you and your friends can be so cool headed about it and I totally agree with you about politics on blogs, I can imagine it’s all arguments over there. Thank you for your comment it made me laugh! 🙂 x

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