You’re Nut Gonna Believe it.

The idea I had in mind for this post was to share my tips on how to cope with the overwhelming feelings of decluttering.

But first I need to tell you about a new found love. He is strong, yummy and always there when I need him the most, I am so obviously talking about the varied and humble nut. 

A recent archeological excavation in Israel found remnants of seven types of nuts and a variety of primitive nutcrackers that scientists believe date back 780,000 years. A dig in Iraq uncovered evidence of nut consumption that dates back to 50,000 b.c. And in Texas, pecan shells were unearthed near human artifacts that may date back to 6,000 b.c.

After about a year of this I started to gain weight fairly quickly. I went from a size 6 to a size 12 in a matter of months. Strangely enough it wasn’t the concern for my health that drove me to lose weight but the unsightly stretch marks I got on my thighs. Okay, that was a secret, so keep that to yourself. Haha! However getting back to my original point, even then I still didn’t eat nuts because they have such a high fat content and obviously I wasn’t trying to be healthy, I was trying to be thin, or at least what I deemed to be thin back then.
I’m now 22 and I am very proud to be able to say that I did indeed lose a lot of the weight I put on back then but it was difficult and the experience has changed my perspective as well as my eating habits, for life. I now deem health to be much more important than size and I like to promote a message of body positivity to other women!
So anyway after all that I was eating healthily but I always avoided nuts for their high fat content however sugar was my weakness. Try as I might I could never resist letting the biscuit packet pass me by. I think a lot of it is habit as well, we would often have tea and of course a biscuit or two with it and then afternoon tea would be accompanied by cake and then the chocolate bar would come around at movie time and it does take time to break these habits.
I think we have to learn to be easier on ourselves and when in the process of trying to eat better it is important to allow yourself a treat every now and then without fear of falling off the horse because at the end of the day healthy eating should be something we do for life, not just for a week, so it needs to be realistic.
I have two really good tips to help you though! For me herbal tea is a marvellous thing, ever since I switched to drinking herbal tea during the day I find myself feeling more refreshed and less weighed down by my tea, I also reach for the digestives an awful lot less. My favourite herbal teas are: Taylors Sour Cherry and Pukka Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey. When herbal tea just doesn’t hit the spot my favourite afternoon tea is Clipper Organic Everyday Tea which also comes in decaf.
Sour CherryImage of Lemon, Ginger & Manuka HoneyImage result for clipper organic tea
My other top tip is nuts! Yeah. So since I got my braces on and was told no more unnecessary sugar I had to find a new snack, something to hit the spot between meals and movies. Nuts are just perfect because they are usually super low in sugar and they are healthy. Yes they have a high fat content but a lot of it is good fats and if this is the only really unhealthy thing you eat in a day then you will surely be fine. Haha! They are also pretty filling, at least they are when you eat half a bag like I do. My favourites are walnuts and cashews but I generally just get the mixed bags. Unsalted is the healthier option but I get salted because they’re yummier, except my usual brand have just taken walnuts out of their mixed salted bags so perhaps i’ll be switching to unsalted, who knows?
I still have sweet treats but I do limit them to social occasions only and even then I try to avoid them but sometimes cream tea is just not avoidable, because it’s so yummy. Since I cut excess sugar out of my diet I do feel so much lighter and my skin looks way better, I genuinely couldn’t have done it unless I had too though, it takes some serious willpower. Luckily for me herbal tea and the humble nut came to my rescue, you just need to find yours! 🙂
Do you have a top tip to avoiding sugar? Let me know!
Lulu x

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