An Offline Whine

For someone who used to spend so much time alone, i’m pretty rubbish at being alone.

Sometimes an hour or an evening is nice but most of the time when I get that elusive free evening all to myself, I never quite know what to do with myself. I watch a documentary, read a few chapters, maybe watch some youtube videos and generally end up twiddling my thumbs waiting for Souly to get back so we can hang out already.

I just don’t enjoy my own company like I used to. Life is easier when Souly dictates what we are going to do, when i’m left to my own devices sometimes I sit there in silence as my mind wanders into a reverie and before I know it my tea has gone cold. There are plenty of things to do and some of which actually need doing but I just feel a bit lost without him, you know?

I can generally read pretty efficiently for about an hour, after that my brain turns to mush and I need a break, I think that is a product of my 21st century tech addiction and this report from last weeks Guardian seems to agree with me. Clearly I spend too much time online and not enough time in my books, but i’m always working on that.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t need a phone. There was a time in my life where I downgraded from a (then very new and awesome) iphone 3G to an old nokia I had laying around just because I wanted to escape the internet for a while. That me was very brave but young enough not to really NEED a phone. Friends could text, mum could call, that old Nokia was all I needed in a phone.

Fast forward to today and I recently upgraded from an iPhone 5 to an UMI MAX. Umi is one of those Chinese smartphones built from awesome Samsung and Sony parts but branded differently so as to do be £500 cheaper. I got this phone because the screen was almost 2″ bigger than my iphone meaning I could browse the web easier, plus it is android and android is awesome. Honestly life without it would be hard. No one would be able to contact me and since moving to Dorset and needing work here I feel as though i’ve been on the damn thing more than ever. There is a constant stream of calls and emails to me at the moment and I even find myself typing emails in bed at night!

I’ve noticed a change in myself too. Over a week of using my phone and laptop non-stop, like 5th gear non stop, I notice i’m more irritable and generally more down than usual. Okay that could be attributed to looking for work, that always sucks, but you know, it’s a potential factor and I like to blame everything on tech because I genuinely believe tech makes us all more stupid and grumpy.

In regards to my disability to concentrate lately I have found, for me, that getting my news from the paper is actually more effective than reading it online where i’m much more easily distracted. Waitrose have an offer where if you spend £10 you get The Sunday Times for free which is awesome! I’m not sure if the offer is on weekdays too but I know it definitely is on Sunday. It usually takes me about a week to find time to actually read the paper so the Sunday paper is perfect for me, plus they give you free magazines inside so you get a ton of news for just one day, otherwise it’s 2.70 which is still fairly average.

If you follow me you probably know what a spendthrift I am, hold the gasps, my shopping at Waitrose is purely for convenience because it is the only supermarket within walking distance of my house. Everyone I know in the area shops in the reduced aisle because frankly there is no shame in saying that Waitrose is WAY overpriced. BUT on the lighter side you also get a free coffee with any purchase but you have to sign up for the myWaitrose card, this applies for the newspaper too. The Waitrose Duchy organic range is averagely priced but for everything else I make the drive.

I’ve been loving living in Dorset, the dust is settling and after the chaos of the move i’m feeling more settled however, as with anywhere you live, i’m starting to notice little annoyances that I never noticed when we holidayed here. Obviously number one is the Waitrose thing. I have been shopping more locally since we got here but there are still times when you just want to get in and out and not spend £10 on lunch, you know?

The other thing is, no one can drive! I swear, i’m not exaggerating. People suck at driving here. I don’t know if it’s because the general population are older or because Dorset is pretty much one road to everywhere but some people just disregard all the rules of the road.

Oh yeah and it is like impossible to get a dentist appointment. The especially unhelpful receptionist informed me I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment until NEXT YEAR?! What the hell? Who is my dentist a descendant of Pierre Fauchard?! It’s crazy! The GP isn’t that much better either. In Birmingham I could literally get a dentist appointment within days.

But above all of that I want to tell you my MAIN frustration. THE single biggest annoyance of living in Dorset. There is no phone signal. Oh. My. Goodness. Everywhere we go I can’t get signal. In the house our designated phone call spot is leaning in the window behind the TV, it’s the only spot in the house I can make a phone call. It’s ridiculous. All of the family are on google hangouts because no one ever has signal. Even walking down the high street I barely get any bars. This town is literally just in the sticks. It’s crazy. When you complain to the network they just tell you to go in a different room. Thanks. VERY helpful.

To be honest I shouldn’t complain, half the reason I was so excited to come here was the more natural way of life. But until that transition away from tech happens i’m going to carry on moaning about my lack of bars.

Do you ever write a post and then scroll to the top to see what you wanted to write about? Haha, me too.

Well that’s something I do more of when i’m alone, write. It is unbelievably hard to write when Souly is around because he is just so inconsiderate. He doesn’t mean to be, he’s just naturally distracting, haha! Although I do tend to distract myself a lot too. Sometimes I will go off and do some research for a post and then an hour later I have forgotten I even wrote a post and it ends up being published at like 8pm. I am terrible forgetful, it’s hopeless really.

Lulu x


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