Some Stuff I Did.

Do you remember when I used to write a post every day? Yeah, let’s do that again. 

I know i’ve taken somewhat of a hiatus however I also know that no good blog post ever starts with an apology so i’m just going to go ahead and tell you what i’ve been doing.

So as you know i’ve moved to a sleepy little town in Dorset, actually hold up, to call Bridport a sleepy town is inaccurate, okay so there isn’t a nightclub or anything but there is always something going on here and little it most certainly isn’t. Okay, I guess it is compared to Birmingham but when you walk everywhere, it feels bigger. Nevertheless I have found myself venturing out of the house way more than I ever did in Birmingham. I know that sounds really sad but i’m just not a city person, I love the quiet and calmness of a more rural setting especially when I can walk to the beach in under 45 minutes! Couldn’t do that in Birmingham.

I doubt I will ever grow weary of sitting on the beach and reading my favourite books, even on a gloomier day nothing beats a beach walk for me! I also love walking into the town on market day, especially now it is low season and it isn’t so busy, I actually look forward to seeing the farmer I buy my eggs from, he’s hilarious, I really should learn his name. Is it socially acceptable to ask someones name after seeing them so many times? I feel like i’m past the point of no return… He will forever remain “The Egg Man”. I also luuuurve seeing the baker who makes the most delicious brownies EVER. I actually learnt her name, it’s Katie, but I still end up calling her “The Brownie Lady”.

The only thing that comes close to topping the beach is, obviously, the book stores. Oh. My. Goodness. There are so many and they are all. so. awesome. I’ve had to reign it in a little lately, you know, what with my attempts at becoming a minimalist. In saying that i’m definitely being too hard on myself, I have hardly bought anything materialistic in weeks! I bought a book maybe three weeks ago, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility if you care to know, and i’ve bought a few Christmas presents, which totally don’t count. 😉

Oh and Souly and I paid halvsies for a sofa because we actually did need one, in the spirit of minimalism we tried to make do with the snuggler but offering dining chairs for guests is just embarrassing, plus a snuggler isn’t so great when you don’t want to snuggle. We were looking for ages and ages and ages. Seriously. I was researching sofa build plans at one point it got so bad. We have fairly similar tastes but we are both so fussy. We almost went for IKEA’s Nockeby, Here I will fetch a picture:

The NOCKEBY sofas have a lot to give: a gorgeous contemporary design, super-comfy pocket-spring cushions with memory foam, removable covers and lots of space for family and friends. This 3-sit version seems grey, but it’s black/white interwoven fibres.

Which is SO super luxe! Haha I can’t believe I just said something from IKEA was super luxe…. But for real, I love IKEA. So. Much. Try to picture this in charcoal gray fabric and that is what we would have gone for.

Isn’t it nice? We loved it because it reminded us of an extra wide armchair we saw in John Lewis but in sofa form. Seriously the armchair was actually super luxe in every sense of the word but I don’t have £850 to spend on an armchair. Unfortunately. So at roughly £600 incl delivery and going half each, this didn’t seem a bad choice.

We actually had originally planned to get an armchair, this one:

KOARP armchair

This is the KOARP from your local Swedish manufacturer. We would have got this fabric with white legs. I know, white legs, cool right?!

After many days of searching we settled on this, it was a good price and looked lovely in the pictures. So we took the 3 hour round trip to Bristol IKEA completely certain we would leave with a cute armchair and accompanying side table that would absolutely look lovely in an Instagram picture. I suppose you can guess the story. Upon approaching the armchair I immediately hated it and I then had to convince Souly that he hated it too. Haha, i’m kidding, it was pretty bad. The fabric was a wrinkly cover which was disappointing but the main problem for me was the size. It was very low and quite small, literally nothing like what I expected. It’s not regular armchair size, which isn’t a bad thing but we already have a lovely but bulky snuggler which would have looked silly in the same room as this armchair.

Anyway you may or may not understand the fury that erupted from my partner. No i’m kidding, it wasn’t that bad, however I will never judge couples who fight in IKEA, hey, it’s tough in there.

Funny Quotes about ikea

You have to queue for ten minutes to get your free coffee that tatses like a bad day, but you queued for so long you have to drink it now and then they don’t hand out maps so good luck getting where you need to go and quickly? No, no, no my friend. There is no quickly in IKEA. It takes about half an hour just to walk through it and…. i’m a browser. The worst kind of shopper. I like to get a good, in depth look at EVERYTHING. Even stuff I have no interest in buying. I just can’t help myself. I suppose you can see why Souly doesn’t bring us here often. Even when IKEA was a half hour drive he was reluctant.

Funny Quotes about ikea

Image result for ikea quotes

Anyway back to the point, Souly was pretty annoyed and as he sat there, wriggling his butt around trying to find somewhere within himself the idea that perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all. It was. At that precise point in time I had a moment. It was similar to when I met Souly… one of those moments where you see something truly beautiful and you have tunnel vision and you saunter over to said thing, locking eyes with it, thinking you are bounding gracefully and your hair is flowing when really you’re a hot mess and you just spilt your drink. Okay, I digress. But that’s what it was like when I saw the aforementioned, not unlike John Lewis style, sofa. I know, I know it’s IKEA. But trust me, we had been looking all over the place for a sofa.

So I saw this sofa and I knew it was true. I had found the one. Except that one turned out to be £300 each incl delivery because have you ever tried to fit anything into a tiny hatchback? I know that is a good price for a sofa in the grand scheme of things but whilst we have both been looking for work we have been penny pinching like crazy so the idea of spending that much on anything was questionable.

We did that thing, you know, where you find a hundred reasons why you should buy whatever it is you want just so you can feel as though it is justified and you don’t have to feel guilty. It was an investment after all! We loved it and it was so comfortable and in my opinion it looked fairly high end. Higher end than IKEA anyway.

In the end we said okay, we will go home and think about it.

So we did. We left IKEA without purchasing a single thing. Apart from food. Yum. I said to Souly “Surely we can’t be the only people to have walked out of IKEA without buying anything?” It was strange for sure.

To save what was essentially a wasted day we traipsed around Bristol for a few hours which was actually a lot of fun, going to the city is a rarity nowadays because every big city is an hour or so drive away. We love to visit London when we can and we were annoyed to find it is a whole £20 more expensive on the train than in Birmingham. So. Typical. So in the spirit of our penny pinching London will have to wait.

Anyway, we went home and ultimately decided after a few days the sofa was too expensive for us and we would keep looking. I am usually always in favour of buying second hand however it seems picking up a second hand sofa in Birmingham is WAY easier than here. We had no luck. Just when all hope seemed lost and I was about to pull out yet another dining chair Souly’s dad gave us a call to say he’d bought a sofa for us. We had to pay him back, of course, but for £35 each it was a steal! Especially since our brand new, for us anyway, sofa was REAL leather in a lush dark gray. With a high back, high arms, chrome feet and at two metres long it is a beauty. It is super comfortable and there is enough room for everyone to have a seat! Plus the cushions and throw look great. Souly’s dad was kind enough to drive all the way to Bristol to collect it for us and now i’m sitting on it having a wonderful time. Okay, I lied i’m sitting on the floor opposite because my laptop is charging and my butt hurts but i’m having so much fun talking to you. Or at you.

Is that all writing is? A monologue of talking ‘at’ an audience. I always hope you’ll comment below.

So back to my original point I have done pretty well at not buying things. I have just started a new wardrobe decluttering project, the one where you turn all of the hangers the wrong way and toss everything you haven’t worn in a month. I’m pretty nervous about it and i’ve excluded essential work clothes. Since my style has taken on a minimalist edge I find my work clothes coming out daily, I worry that this is a little safe and conformist, especially since i’ve always had such edgy and wild style but lately I just really enjoy smart-casual. I love the way a smart shirt looks with a funky skirt! Anyway isn’t that what fashion is all about, enjoying your clothes? Especially since I moved down here I care way less about what other people think and I really just wear whatever I love and feel comfortable in.

Although I did wear this gorgeous black velvet skirt to a concert the other night and it is SO beautiful but it is entirely unforgiving which meant I was sucking in my belly most of the time. I heard sucking in ones tummy strengthens the core. Yeah I get to have a free workout AND I look 5 pounds lighter. Win.

Since i’ve written close to 2000 words I will wait til tomorrow to tell you about the concert and about anything else i’ve been up to because if I exhaust the last couple of weeks in one post I will nothing left to write about, haha.

Lulu x


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