My Week in Quarantine 

The day after my last blog post something dreadful happened…

My life was put on hold, I was quarantined in my own home and I missed the grandparents visit!

I got the flu. Okay so it may or may not have been specifically influenza but how bad does a cold have to be before it’s the flu? In fact since we are here talking about it I will google the difference between the common cold and influenza.

WebMD provided this interesting insight:

Symptoms Cold Flu
Fever Sometimes, usually mild Usual; higher (100-102 F; occasionally higher, especially in young children); lasts 3 to 4 days
Headache Occasionally Common
General Aches, Pains Slight Usual; often severe
FatigueWeakness Sometimes Usual; can last 2 to 3 weeks
Extreme Exhaustion Never Usual; at the beginning of the illness
Stuffy Nose Common Sometimes
Sneezing Usual Sometimes
Sore Throat Common Sometimes
Chest Discomfort, Cough Mild to moderate; hacking cough Common; can become severe

WebMD says that it is currently flu season and I don’t get vaccinated annually because i’m usually the one that never, ever gets sick. To be honest I suck at being ill, if that is even a thing, I just try to carry on with life as normal whilst becoming ever increasingly agitated that I have no energy and I feel like pants.

Image result for flu gif

After reading the WebMD article i’m pretty certain it was just a cold, in fact scrap that, it certainly was not ‘just’ a cold it was the most dreadful thing i’ve experienced since I got tonsillitis in year 6. This was the MOTHER of all colds. This was not the annual sniffle and it definitely warranted my partners controversial decision to quarantine me in the bedroom for three days.

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I had a fever which I haven’t experienced since I was a child. I woke up shivering so I cocooned myself in the duvet and I was still cold, so Souly rolled me like a tootsie into the bedspread. Still nothing. Souly made me a hot water bottle and whilst being temporarily unwrapped from my swiss roll of comfort I almost caught pneumonia in the blisteringly, icy gust that was lurking outside of said comfort roll. After being re-rolled with my hot water bottle I started to feel a little better. Souly turned up the thermostat til it was tropical. I finally warmed up.

Oh that magical moment when you finally stop shivering and your muscles relax.

Then it got hot. Real hot.

I was so upset at being ill because I missed the entirety of my grandparents-in-law’s visit! I had literally been buzzing all month about them coming down from Birmingham. They were supposed to come last month so it had been ages since I had seen them. I was dreaming of cream tea with Nanna and political debate with Grandad. But no. I was quarantined for TWO days. Ugh. They sent their best wishes from downstairs whilst I was trapped in my quickly overheating swiss roll of comfort which was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

You know how when you’re ill you have no energy? Yeah that. Whilst trying to poke my foot out of the duvet for that perfect temperature balance I soon realised I was stuck. My feet were so tightly tucked in that they couldn’t find a way out. The layers of blankets were so intricately bound around me I was literally in a cocoon. The hot water bottle was squished into my belly searing it’s way through to my insides and I was squirming like a helpless slug in salt.

Oh it was terrible. I managed to squeeze an arm out to flap around and find my phone. I felt like a slug at a disco. It was truly horrible. 😦

Obviously texts don’t work in the bedroom because my life sucks. #Countrylife So I had to fumble into my hangouts to send a desperate SOS to Souly. I waited for what seemed like a lifetime, overheating, saying to myself “This is it, i’m going to die. My core temperature is going to rocket two degrees and they’re going to find me in a cocoon of my own sweat with my tongue hanging out.” It was quite awful.

When Souly finally arrived I was on the cusp of melting into the threads never to be found again. As he unrolled me from my sticky situation that aforementioned icy gust crept in and I quickly rolled myself back up into the tootsie roll of comfort. Aah sweet warmth.

Further to a fever I was so exhausted. I’m still pretty pooped not three days after recovery. The first day I felt better I cleaned the entire house, it was literally magical, but then I was so exhausted I couldn’t move the next day!

Related image


This “cold” was so bad that I even took tablets. Anyone who knows me will know how much I utterly disdain tablets. I eat well, I exercise and I laugh a lot. I shouldn’t need tablets! My body should be strong enough to recover on it’s own without chemical intervention. Anyway that ideology went out the window as soon as I stood up. You know the situation where you stand up but promptly plonk back down with a head full of stars. Ugh.

I’m realising this post has been largely whiney. My apologies. To be honest having a cold filled my entire week. I’ve been sleeping, eating strepsils and watching all seven Harry Potter movies back to back.

Image result for harry potter gif

Actually Souly partook in that with me after he caught my cold two days after I feel ill. We watched all the Harry Potters because I wanted to and then all of the Lord of The Rings because he wanted to. Aah it was so much fun. We got through a 4 pack of andrex between us and sales of strepsils went up two fold. Haha!

So yeah I didn’t do much other than be ill. The day before I got REALLY ill I had a job interview which sucked. The lady interviewing me came down from London so I couldn’t exactly cancel on her! Thankfully I managed to restrain myself from coughing all over her or sniffling too much. I’m gonna say that it worked because she offered me a trial! 😀 

I realise I still haven’t made a post on the Maren Morris gig I went too, Souly took a really awesome picture that I’ve been dying to show you but I keep forgetting to get it from him, but I will! I promise. 

Until next time… 

Lulu x


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