Daily Prompt


Aah, the daily prompt!

I’ve been meaning to do another of these for a long time and four days ago The Daily Prompt published ‘Cozy’. This is my favourite word of the moment so here we are!

I have utterly fallen in love with the Hygge trend! It’s my new favourite thing and it’s quickly changing every perception I ever had about Winter.

I’ve never liked Winter because it’s always cold and I really, really hate being cold. I also disdain those dark days and frosty mornings. Hygge is totally helping me get my winter on! I made a super cute reading/ relaxing/ guest room inspired by my new favourite Danish trend :


I used my favourite throws from Gallery & Elle Decor, my favourite cushions from Next and Tk Maxx, Oh and Souly made me the black and white french cushion! I also bought some new foliage and used candles from Holland and Barrett, Neom and Yellow Gorse… all natural of course! 😉

I’ve also been drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and tea! Cos’ that’s totally Hygge. I also get to live in my new fluffy scarf cos’ that’s hygge. Pajama day? Too hygge. Getting up an hour early to turn the heating on? Totes hygge. Baking cakes? Oh yeah. All the warm and fuzzy things? Check. I’m allowed to have too many cushions on the bed, spend all day in my pajamas AND eat all the cakes because that’s totally hygge. I love hyyge.

I read that it’s pronounced Hoo-Gah. I like saying Hoo-gee because it sounds funny. :’) Hoo-gee, Hoo-gee, Hoo-gee!







Yaaaay! Winter!


Lulu x


4 thoughts on “Cosy

  1. Love your hygge nook! And that you are aiming to live more hyggely. Are you on Facebook? You might well enjoy joining The Hygge Nook there: it’s a feed full of cosy, comfy pictures and people who are all happy. Have a great day!

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