I’m Lulu, i’m 22 and I live in the English countryside with my fiancé.



His name is Louie but I shall refer to him as Souly! 😀 

He likes: Loud metal music, sewing & desserts.

He dislikes: Wasps, onions & my snoring.

My name is Lulu but Souly calls me Tron… don’t ask.

I love books.

Researching books, looking for books, buying books, smelling books, holding books and finding time in amongst all of that, to actually read books. I enjoy classic literature and anything from the decadent era. I really love antiquarian books and my poor Souly has endured many hours of following me up and down aisles of second-hand bookstores.




As a bibliophile my bookcase is my pride and joy, this is it now in our new home and it looks better than ever! I had to be super selective to make it look less crowded but it was worth it!

On the right in the right hand crate are my prized yellow books, in 19th century France explicit and controversial novels were always bound in yellow, it includes a reprint of selections from The Yellow Book (The publication taking it’s name from the French custom), the infamous literary publication of the 1800’s. I’m working on acquiring the original volume one of thirteen and i’ll definitely make a post if I manage to get it!

My other hobby is crafting and DIY.

My blog was called The Not-So-Handy Woman up until 07/10/2017 because I really love crafting and I wanted to share my passion with you.

The inspiration for starting the blog was sparked by a frustration of difficult craft tutorials with complex directions and long ‘you will need’ lists. I had a lot of fun doing this but along the way my blog started to change direction.

It changed because I was changing. I was moving out of the city and starting a new life and evolving as a person. A new found interest in minimalism was causing me to write and think more and craft less. Although I still enjoy crafting it is no longer what I want to dedicate my blog too. I was nervous to change my blog so drastically however I had to keep it true to me and ‘What Am I Doing With My Life?’ is perfect for me right now as I often find myself writing about my day to day life and I also like how the title relates to my big life change.

Other stuff i’m into: Writing, sunny days, cute animals, interior design, surrealist art, decadent literature, ancient European culture, philosophy, psychology, soft blankets, cushions, ginseng tea.

image_30512501444_oThis is a beautiful picture I took of West Bay beach, my favourite place! Would you believe me if I told you I took this in November?


I’m Lulu x